Which 5* to lvl next? Green and Blue


Like many other players, too many heroes and not enough ascension materials to take them all the 80.

Who should I choose?
Alasie vs Misandra
Gregorian vs Tarlak

Current roster of maxxed heroes:
5* - Athena, Zeline, Elena, Khagan, Gravemaker, Joon, Delilah, G Panther, Sartana
4* - Wu Kong, Boldtusk, Sonya, Tiburtus, Hansel, Sabina, Kiril

Mainly using them for Titan fights and AW. Don’t really care about raids that much.


For titan, Tarlak for sure.

I like Alasie, but i didn’t play with Misandra.


Tarlak and Alasie!


I second the Alasie + Tarlak vote.

Alasie hits much harder than Misandra (on average – though if Misandra gets all her possible hits in, she hits harder) and all of the damage is on one hero, which is generally what I want: a clean kill shot. If Misandra hit a little harder, though, I’d give the nod there because of the extra mana flowing in.

Tarlak is the new Wu Kong. He will hugely help all of your titan hits and is much more survivable than Wu Kong, plus no risk of missing an important cast or stun. Gregorion has been a little disappointing in practice.


Thanks everyone for the advice, much appreciated. :slight_smile:


so @Kerridoc tarlak to 3/70 or wait for last tonic to level greg to 4/80? currently have 6 sturdy shields


If I understand this, you are two shields and a tonic from maxing Tarlak vs only the tonic for Greg.

Tarlak is way better on paper; I have not played either, but I would gamble on getting the shield needed for Tarlak. The other shield and tonic will be along in a rare quest soon enough.

2 cents


Yep. Tarlak is awesome. I power leveled as high as I could take him as soon as he came through the summons gate. Just waiting on tonics to ascend to level 4.


Nice! I just got my last tonic from Shrikewood so he’s on his way up! :slight_smile:


Thanks! tarlak is on his way to 3/70 and I am missing just 1 tonic for his last ascension


I have both Gregorion and Tarlak on 4th tier, and the combo is fantastic. Their specials go off at the same time in attack and with the massive attack bonus, the increased critical chance from Gregorion makes for absolutely massive tile damage. Before I changed line up in attack depending on the defence team, but now I always keep those two and change the other three. It’s great fun…


I wish I had enough ascension mats to ascend both, but sadly I’m not that lucky enough to get another tome, d.blade and 6 more tonics. :frowning: