Which 5* to ascend?

I’ve currently have 5 5* heroes, Sartana is maxed, Thorn, Rumplestiltskin and Horghall, Lianna all 3/70 I have the items to ascend 1 blue 1 green. Question is who to ascend or do I wait for others and play them at 3/70?
Thanks in advance for any advice

I would advocate for Lianna then wait.


Lianna is worth it. ascend her.

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I guess it depends do you plan on spending on pulls anytime soon? i would max Lianna for sure but Rumple i’m on the fence about.thorne yeah i would just leave him where he is

I do a few pulls sometimes but don’t spend much so no big pulls planned for the near future. I’m a bit love/hate with rumplestiltskin he’s awesome when you pull the card you want.

My choice would be to ascend Lianna and leave the others at 3-70 for now

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Lianna for sure, Horghall is not even close.
For blue I would go with Rumple, he’s not a must have hero like Lianna but still much better than Thorne.
If you are F2P or C2P I wouln’t wait for that perfect hero but would ascend any decent hero I get at least until I have a rainbow 5* defense team.
BUT there are several great blue heroes coming in the next few months (Ariel from atlantis, the March HOTM should be blue, the new announced event will probably have a blue hero so it all depends on how many telescopes you currently have

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