Which 5* to 3/70


I agree.

I leveled Vivica to 5* 3.70, and then 5* 4.1, because there is no yellow Classic 4* healer.


Both Isarnia, and Grimm, are glass cannons ( see notes ) but Grimm 4* 4.70 is still better, in the majority of situations, than Isarnia 5* 3.70.

Slow heroes

On attack, two similar heroes, the faster one is generally better.

But some slow heroes are good. Vivica’s heal, cleanse, and defense buff, are individually powerful. Together they need slow mana speed to prevent Vivica being insanely Over Powered.


Because my Wu Kong 4*+18 is my strongest yellow hero, I will often bring him on a team, and never fire Gambler’s stance. Especially if Proteus, and Wu Kong ( together they fight crime ) are on a team fighting triple bosses.

Sometimes, the hero’s color, and base stats, are more important.

Available heroes

No yellow Classic 4* healer, so orbs cannot make a yellow 4* 4.70 Healer better than Vivica 5* 3.70 .

3* ascension items are rare, but 4* Ascension items can be non existent if you do not get Titan loot tier 9+, and Diamond arena, daily. If you play a long time, you will often get a stockpile of 3* ascension items you cannot use. Using orbs to bring Vivica to 5* 3.70 is a good investment since it gives you a yellow healer.

No Classic 5* Healers of any color except Vivica.

Merciless RNG

I have spent thousands of dollar, and years, chasing 5* Healers, and 2x Vivica is the only 5* Healers I have. And that is just being very lucky since I still do not have a 4* Cyprian due to merciless RNG ( Legendary training since 2018-March, gem summons since 2017-September ).


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