Which 5* to 3/70

I have the following 5* at 2/60 and was wondering who is better to at 3/70? No mats for the final Ascension though.

  1. Vivica
  2. Isarnia
  3. Seshat

I have enough core 4* heroes hence was thinking which 5* hero above is more feasible at 3/70 for now.

Any advice would be appreciated!

  1. Seshat for sure :wink:
  2. Vivica
  3. Isarnia


I like having a few 5* at 3-70 so the climb to 4-80 isn’t as tiring.


Without knowing the rest of your bench, it’s hard to make an informed decision. Are you weak on healers or hitters is ultimately what it comes down to, and do you feel that your yellow or your purple bench could use improvement?

In a vacuum, I’d say that Seshat is the most versatile bet, but she comes in narrowly over Vivica, who has the benefit of being a healer with her gamechanging Omniheal as well as being one of the few yellow healers in the game and one of the best healers in general.

So I’d say look at your bench and ask yourself if you feel like your guys are dying a lot (you need a healer) or if your matches in events/map/raids take FOREVER but your guys generally survive until the end (need a hitter).

I mean you’re only taking them to 3/70 anyway, so it’s not the end of the world or anything, but I’d say it depends on what you need, but either Seshat or Vivica would be good choices.

Isarnia comes in far, far last between those two.


At 3/70, you should be looking at the parts of the special that aren’t about damage.

  • Vivica heals and shields just as well at 3/70 and at 4/80.
  • Isarnia’s defense debuff is also just as good at 3/70.
  • Seshat debuffs 3, but she’s most about attack.

I’d be inclined towards Vivica. There are no other holy healers among the Classic heroes (bizarre as that sounds). Isarnia would be a second choice, but Grimm does a pretty good Isarnia imitation. Seshat is the hero of this group you’ll want to take to 4/80 first, but until you’ve got the blade, tome and 4 tabards, there’ no need to rush developing her.


Why is Vivica so highly recommended when she’s slow and hardly get to fire to save my heroes or buff them?

Is it becos she can buff and debuff own allies + heal?

Vivica is reccomended at 3-70 because shes usable. Issy is glassy and there are some easy to max ramming pulverizer heros that I’d prioritize.
Seashat although an op hero will truly shine when she is maxed but again there are some more easily maxed 4* snipers out there.
Her element link is nasty but it’s also geared towards more in depth mana troops to really make her shine.
Viv and seashat are both close contenders but I would be more inclined to get viv to 3-70 and this stage of the game although seashat wouldn’t be regretable to bring up first either.

So yes, as previous mentioned her skill works just as well at 3-70 as seashat doesnt see full potential till the stats are brought up with levels. Finishing all the special ascension material quests to help your roster is very important as well , she will help keep you going on these if you are having any struggles with them.

As someone who was initially skeptical of Vivica due to her slow mana speed and relatively middling defense for a 5*, I too was unsure whether she lived up to the hype.

She does.

Keep in mind, in Vivica’s bracket of 5* heroes, there are few that have a straight up immediate heal percentage. Most of the 5* healers are heal-over-time like Ares or Aeron or are heal-over-time AND slow like Alberich and Mother North or are unreliable healers like Red Hood, and keep in mind all of these are event heroes or previous HOTM, so the odds of getting them aren’t great to begin with. The only one who demonstrably outshines Vivica is Delilah who has a lower heal percentage but comes with a minion buffer and at average speed.

And trust me, Vivica’s heal is not a joke. Like Isarnia or Azlar, if she goes off, she turns an entire match around. 44% heal, which I believe is the highest in the game PLUS cleanse PLUS a massive +63% defense buff means your guys go from badly injured to walking tanks for those 4 turns. They can brush off sniper fire (barring pierce ofc) and laugh at all-hit, and the cleanse can be critical for Azlar’s DOT, Hel’s mana lock, and all sorts of things.

Admittedly there are many 4* heroes who do a similar effect, but the closest in efficacy to Vivica is Rigard, and unless you’ve got him fully emblemed out, he’s just squishier. 4* heroes walk into a battle with wooden armor unless they have emblems to help them out, and even then, Rigard doesn’t provide a +defense buff. He can heal the team, but your critical heroes can still get one-shot by the likes of Joon, Sartana, and the dreaded Lianna. Vivica makes this either far less likely or straight up doesn’t happen. Vivica is like Rigard and Kiril had an illegitimate child who went to college and outshone both her parents. The only thing that stops her from being broken IS that slow speed.

Vivica doesn’t help against sniper tanks or hard-hitting tanks and only occasionally helps against bad flanks. She’s fantastic for digging out those annoying corner snipers like Lianna and Seshat because she basically nullifies them, and she can be critical for dangerous all-hit flanks like Azlar, Quintus, or Isarnia.

And that’s my two :gem::gem: opinion.


Any 5 * heroes at 2 60 are consider crap until you bring them to say…3 70. Hence the reason why it is fundamental to have at least three set of maxed rainbow team of 4 * before working on 5 *.
From your list, Vivica are the only one the works well at 3 70. Just like Evelyn and Onatel. Snipers like Seshat need to be maxed to unleash their true potential. I’d rather max another Grimm or a Kiril over Isarnia for war depth too.


Thanks all. Have 2 max rainbow team… guess I will work further on my remaining 4* first since I also have Rigard and Meleandor.

Thanks for all the advice!


Good decision, I wish I had known about the forums or had experienced players in my first allaince as i had made a few initial pulls and had a full line of 5s at 3-70 before starting on 4s. It was a painfully long time to bring them up and even after nearly 16 months of play alot of the 4s have still proven themselves useful in war, titans and now weekly raids. Good luck!


I agree.

I leveled Vivica to 5* 3.70, and then 5* 4.1, because there is no yellow Classic 4* healer.


Both Isarnia, and Grimm, are glass cannons ( see notes ) but Grimm 4* 4.70 is still better, in the majority of situations, than Isarnia 5* 3.70.

Slow heroes

On attack, two similar heroes, the faster one is generally better.

But some slow heroes are good. Vivica’s heal, cleanse, and defense buff, are individually powerful. Together they need slow mana speed to prevent Vivica being insanely Over Powered.


Because my Wu Kong 4*+18 is my strongest yellow hero, I will often bring him on a team, and never fire Gambler’s stance. Especially if Proteus, and Wu Kong ( together they fight crime ) are on a team fighting triple bosses.

Sometimes, the hero’s color, and base stats, are more important.

Available heroes

No yellow Classic 4* healer, so orbs cannot make a yellow 4* 4.70 Healer better than Vivica 5* 3.70 .

3* ascension items are rare, but 4* Ascension items can be non existent if you do not get Titan loot tier 9+, and Diamond arena, daily. If you play a long time, you will often get a stockpile of 3* ascension items you cannot use. Using orbs to bring Vivica to 5* 3.70 is a good investment since it gives you a yellow healer.

No Classic 5* Healers of any color except Vivica.

Merciless RNG

I have spent thousands of dollar, and years, chasing 5* Healers, and 2x Vivica is the only 5* Healers I have. And that is just being very lucky since I still do not have a 4* Cyprian due to merciless RNG ( Legendary training since 2018-March, gem summons since 2017-September ).


Click for notes





I got a question I got Arthur and Isarnia, I already got Sonya to tier 4 so only other blues I have (4*+) is them and just got a 4th cape from frostmarch, I got a main team of Sonya Kong Cyprian BT Chao so I already have 2 snipers, Arthur is more beefy but Isarnia hits all and has a Nasty defense debuff…any opinions? Isarnia or Arthur? To tier3 as yes I’d like to get a 5* moving along …

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