WHich 5-star Nature heroes to look for?

Good morning folks (here, at least!),

I’m wondering what are the good green heroes I should keep an eye out for and attempt to get. For 4-star heroes, I have Melendor, Kashrek, Hansel, and Caedmon all maxed (no talents). For 5-stars, I have Evelyn, Margaret, Horghall, Elkanen, and Kadilen. I just pulled The Hatter.

Of my 5-stars, I like Evelyn and Margaret (yeah, I like Margaret). The Hatter is interesting as well.

I’d really like to get Lianna to pair with Evelyn, but I haven’t had any luck with summons so far.

I guess my questions are:

  1. I plan on maxing Evelyn (she’s at 4.43 right now), but are the other 5-stars I have worth maxing (I do like the idea of Margaret even though many think she’s a weak hero)?

  2. Are there other 5-star or 4-star greens I should be on the look out for that are only available during certain events? Like how The Hatter is only available during Wonderland? I see some guy that resurrects dead heroes and that can be a total pain but I’m not sure if he’s still available or what.

  1. Margaret is great if you like and you know how to use it (the timing, snipper opponents, etc).
  2. Yes, there are *4 heroes: Buddy (Christmas event), and *5 heroes: Alby (Atlantis), Mother North (Christmas event), Morgan Le Fay (Avalon), Tarlak (Atlantis), and maybe Atomos (Atlantis, if buffed). But The Hatter is also great and fun skill.

4 star kashreck is awesome

5 star Elkanen and Margarett are the one you need to go up

That is just my opinion

I run Eve w twin Lianna’s for a powerful strike combo. North is in for longevity and Tarlak/Buddy are interchangeable. I rarely fret about maxing heroes unless they’re on my defence. But I’m building a deep war roster


Max Evelyn and then ascend The Hatter. He is way better than Kadilen , Elkanen, Horghall and Margaret.

Limited time heroes as horoes of the month, event heroes (both seasonal and not) and atlantis heroes are available for short periods:

  • HOTM
    • Alberich
    • Zeline
    • Gregorion
    • Evelyn
    • Margaret
  • Event Heroes
    • Lady Locke
    • Morgan Le Fay
    • The Hatter
      • Peters
      • Hansel
  • Seasonal Event Heroes
    • Yunan
    • Mother North
      • Jack O’Hare
      • Buddy
  • Atlantis Heroes
    • Tarlak
    • Atomos
      • Gadeirus
      • Gobler

You can see them here: https://enphero.com/OldCards


Green is one of those colours where the 5* heroes are either top tier or pretty bad with little in between. You have Evie who is excellent and will be great for beating up titans with. She is also fantastic on offensive raids as a stack.
I am personally not a big fan of Horghall, Elkanen and Kadilen. They are rather underpowered by todays standards. Margaret for me is ok but a bit of a niche hero. Great for titans because of her absurd tile damage and pretty good for offensive raids if your opponent has plenty of snipers but she is more of a 4th or 5th Green 5* to max.

For me the other top shelf Green heroes to look out for are Zeline (previous HOTM), Alberich (previous HOTM), Tarlak (Atlantis), Mother North (Christmas Event) and Lianna (TC20). I would also include Yunan (Sands Empire) if you need a tank.
There are other green heroes which are good and would be worth giving materials to but I wouldn’t be chasing hard for them like Gregorian (previous HOTM), Morgan le Fay (Knights of Avalon) and Hatter (Wonderland).


This is a perfect summary of green 5*s

As mentioned elsewhere good compliments to the 5stsr crew are Buddy (Xmas) and Caedemon (regular)

Like to give emblems to my 4stars right now as we’re at the point where they can be +20 and almost as powerful as 5stars. My Caedmon is +18 right now and his debuffer is invaluable in 4star raid tourneys and vs war opponents that run blue tanks and have Riposte somewhere.

Buddy is also great - especially in bloody tourneys where his minions are healing by proxy


Wow, ok, thanks for the replies all.

So I will max Evelyn for now (relatively close as is anyways) and then focus on Hatter next.

So Lianna I can shoot for with my TC, and then I will just have to be mindful of these events when they pop up. Tarlak would be a nice addition.

@Halifax, that looks like a deadly team. Defense down, attack up, and two of the strongest sniper in the game. And I just looked up Mother North lol, holy crap that’s insane…

Thanks again everyone!

Nordic Mom is the might.
Here’s a clip from our latest war.
Sometimes she’s last and ressurects all the others, which is very annoying for the opponent. She and Alberich are by far the best natures.

Evelyn and the Hatter are also very cool greens, which both are worth the tonics. Margaret can wait and be playeyd @3.70, too.

Lianna is the best hero available from TC20.

Yeah, the two revivers are game changers. Alby’s power is stronger but North is more durable, which matters more i think.

I’ve had North bring back heroes 10+ times in bad board matches. I’ve won games with full set of heroes after being down to just north at 30hp.

If you can get either of them, do it.

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  1. Max Evelyn. Follow by The Hatter. He is quite fun with proper usage. elkanen is quite sturdy with fast mana too. Quite useful on the flank. Caused a considerable damage to 4 * but minimal on 5 *.

  2. The guy in question is Alberich. A past hotM. He is either heal or ressurect the fallen heroes. Quite annoying just like Mother North.
    I usually kill him first in any battle.
    Available on limited Atlantis offering.

As for other 5 * green, Lianna is one of the best by far. I was lucky enough to pulled her from tc20. Who know, you may get one from your tc20 sooner too!
Caedmon is one of the best 4 * hero. A fast active dispeller and a sniper in one package.

I find that Eve at 3/60 works fine in a 3-2 stack. What is the rational for maxing her and then moving on to Hatter?

Just like Onatel, Evelyn is pretty workable at 3 70 but a fully level hero last way longer against the big guns. Putting a full fledge heroes in defense could give a different perspective.
A team of fully level 5 * stuck fears more than a team consist of two max and three level 3 70 heroes.
Maxing more heroes add more variety to our game.
Stacking is highly effective but may not be everyones’ preference in defense. Good against titan and those stubborn tank though.

Atomos really???

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Thank you everyone.

To answer Hrairoo’s question, my rationale was that a maxed hero is better than one that isn’t maxed. I assumed the idea was to get them as strong as possible. But given Hrairoo’s and Halifax’s answers, maybe that isn’t the case.

In any event, I’ve already ascended Evelyn to the fourth tier. Should I stop leveling her?

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