Which 5-star heroes ascend?

This is part of my list, I have enough material to ascend some 5 * … Advice on who to dare the priority
I’m getting neith in the meantime and I have some 5 * at 70/3 waiting for your advice.
Thank you very much for helping …

Which is the best defensive team?
(I was thinking of changing the emblems and giving them to jabber and onatel)

@Scarecrow can you help me :slight_smile: ?
Thank’s a lot

At this point, I would level a second Eve, Zim, Proteus. I would choose Leo for yellow, instead Neith. And nothing for blue yet. It’s bad enough you levelled the useless Captain, instead to level a second or even third Sonya (especially because her costume is great).

And no, I wouldn’t strip of emblems Drake and Hel, for Jab and Onatel. Drake and Hel are among the best heroes in the game and definitely in top 5 flanks in the game.

But I would strip Alby for Zim. In my opinion, Alby doesn’t need emblems so much like any other hero, because his position in defense is protected enough (being left wing). But Zim is fast and very useful everywhere and your only fast cleanser (that’s why I told you about Sonya’s costume). Evelyn and Zim are the fast components for the most lethal attacks in this game.


You have two defensive options:

Alby - Frida - BK - Hel - Drake

Zim - Drake - Kunchen - Frida - Lianna


When you say “some” are there colors you can and colors you can’t ascend?

I like the second option bc of the speed.


Thank you so much you are always kind and competent!
I leveled captain because I was curious :wink:

No I can all the colors … maybe I explained myself badly for my bad English :slight_smile:

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Second zim would definitely be useful. Obakan paired with kunch’s d drop might be decent. Looks like you missed out on Kingston, so I’d probably go with a second Lianna and just take Eve #2 to 3/70.
Dupe triton and pro aren’t bad options either for 4s imo.

I have both those heroes maxed and do bring them together. I used Panther + Kunchen and then hit with Obakan. He did about 650 damage to the target(I forget who the target was. Maxed 5*, decently emblemed)

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Between owl, neith (which is now 70/3), musashi, Leonidas … according to the yellows I own which of the 4 would be the best choice?

Depending on your stack.

I like Leonidas the most amongst your lot. One man army at end raids.

Owl is great for AW right wing. Not so much for offense.

No to Neith since you already have Drake.

Musashi is fast but mainly for himself without nullifying the opponent which is why I prefer Leonidas. That mana cut is no joke with the self heal hit.

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Best defensive team?

Thank you, @Math4lyfe @Scarecrow…you are always very kind, thank you for your support :smile:

Screenshot_20191204_002354 Screenshot_20191204_002544

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Hello guys,

I start to level up a new team. Plese give me some advices, witch format is more good for me.

  1. Clarissa, Jean-Francois, Telluria, Magni (with\without mask), Malosi

  2. Clarissa, Jean-Francois, Telluria, Aegir, Malosi


I would go for Magni. Telluria already gives your team health and protection. Magni is a fast hitter and gives protection to three. Deciding whether you take his costume or not, maybe have a look at @Guvnor’s costume list: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ObeIh3XPEPNwhAaBzGedpqDkcyp_c-bqMAjklf5WB9M/edit#gid=1964682514

Malosi is really great at offence but rather mediocre on defence, so if you have other options (Joon for example) for that position, you might wanna change that, too.

In general, if these are your first 5 star heroes you are maxing, best advice is to make sure you already have enough 4 star heroes. You can level them twice as fast and they consume much less resources. So it will help you to deepen your roster faster which will give you a higher advantage than leveling your five stars asap. I’d say around 25-30 four stars would be good to have maxed before focusing on five stars. However, as you are already in the middle of the process, I’d finish at least Telly and Malosi and bring JF and Clarissa to 3.70


Yes, this is my first 5* team. I already have 45 heroes 4*. 30 of them are 4.70 and 15 of them are 3.60. Yellow i have Malosi and Justice; Green I have 2 x Telluria, Tarlak and Lianna; Blue - Magni and Aegir; Purple only Clarissa; Red - Elena witch is 3.70 and Jean. Betwen Elena and Jean i decided to maxing Jean becaus is fast.

  • Justice is waiting for leveling up, now is 1.1 :slight_smile:

PS: I have materials to grow up all of them 5 now. So I decided tot start leveling up

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Welcome to the forum!! I agree with @diesdas… and @Guvnor always has good info to read though. I’d max magni’s costume for sure for the stats boost… but I doubt I’d use it with your line up. The defense drop won’t impact the Dot from Clarissa and JF… I think having the defense buff would be much better… and if they’re hitting with red mono, what debuffer are they bringing? … plenty of zim’s and grazul’s to cleanse or resist.

Just my two cents. :woman_shrugging:

PS: might wanna start your own thread next time. :wink:


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