Which 5* Should I Concentrate On?

So with all of the new heroes that are very strong, I am wondering which heroes I should concentrate on maxing and if possible, in which order?

I have no Tome of Tactics right now, but I do have enough of everything else to max at least 1 or 2 of each colour.

I am wanting to do Zenobia NEXT, but after that I have no idea who to do.
The only 5* Costumes I have are for Magni and Quintus.

BLUE is most definitely my underpowered and weakest colour, as you can see, but then I don’t have amazing options for 5* for them to level next - they are either not great or they are slow heroes.

I have provided a screenshot of both my 5* AND 4* so you can see and try make a proper judgement for helping.
I really appreciate any input.

5* - Including those at 3/70

4* - All

I would say do Roostley.

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Grimble also, with so many minion summoners nowadays.


:thinking: if it were me deciding I would do the following:
Purple - Grimble (Reason): Lots of minions in the wild and he’s great at getting rid of them and providing a nice mana boost. I use him with slow heroes a lot. Useful at 3-70 but much more survivability once at 4-80. After that I would do Domitia and comlpetely ignore Zulag & Quintus as both are subpar in my opinion. I prefer a “heal all” healer which Zulag is not. I don’t need to explain Quintus do i?

Yellow - Viv Or Neith: Viv is still a decent healer and i think a little underrated hero these days. Plus I like having a 5* healer in each colour. I prefer Neith over Roosterly just so that I always hit all heroes rather than needing them next to each other but i would still liekly do Viv first.

Blue - Raffelle: Slow but brutally good healer. That heal to 50% is pure gold and, again, my healer in all colours fixation. Of the rest Snow would probably be my next one. Then Glenda for her cleanse followed by Fenrir. Isarnia would be last as you have C.Magni

Green - Lady Locke: She’s actually quite dangerous in the right situation plus she cleanses. You also already have healers so Ratatoskr is a bit of a luxury though his tile enhancement is useful so I would do him next. Kadilen would only see love if I nabbed her costume too

Red - Kong(After Zenobia): Cleansers are great in my opinion and this is the main reason I would opt for Kong. Next would be Baldur. After that I would hope to have a different red option. If not I would do the others in any order, probably by the flip of a coin

Well, that’s my opinion at any rate. Hope it helps with your decisions.

Game Well :sunglasses:


I’m going a little out of the box based on you needs. You are super low in Blues, I’d do Glenda or Snow white. You are right probably the best is Zenobia, great for titans and amazing in red stacks. Grimble is a great choice too, will be a huge upgrade for the minion defenses. Roostly is great for yellows that you have and green, I’d wait.



Grimble, Zenobia, Raffaelle

I tried to see a different version but nope i completely agree with @Blem picks and reasoning behind them. Good luck.


I mostly agree with Blem.

Purple - Grimble
Minions are the current hotenss, and he kills them well.

Yellow - Neith
This is the hero of your Yellow options that I most hate to face. She’s quite good, and tactically very useful on offense as well. I’d prefer her to Vivica.

Blue - Raffelle:
Very annoying to face, honestly. In a rush attack scenario, he can do a lot for you.

Green - Lady Locke:
Really have nothing to add to what Blem said.

Red - post Zenobia: Both Kong & Baldur are great. I use both heavily. They offer very different skills, though. They are my 2 favorite Red heroes. I think either could be the right first choice, but the correct answer is both of them, please and thank you.

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+1, found it noticeable that you have ascended very few Blues. I think Glenda is overall a good all-round choice.

Also your Purples are relatively few, and I also vote Grimble for use vs. minion heroes.

I don’t think any of your unascended Greens will add much, you have such good ones already. But if I had to choose, Locke for the cleanse; and against an enemy that cannot cleanse, she does a ton of damage (Rat was not my choice as you have MN and LoTL to heal already)

Yellow, while Roostly is good you have tons of ascended damage dealers already. I think Vivica is underrated, she’s a great healer and is my choice in PvE over Lady Wooly (while Lady Wooly gets first pick in non-rush raid and war). I think Neith is also under-rated, but Viv’s heal/cleanse/defense buff are a lifesaver, and different enough from Lady Wooly and Gullin to merit consideration, in my opinion

and Red, agree that Zenobia is the best choice among the unascended ones


Yes, I totally agree with you - I have 2 copies :slight_smile:

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Grimble 20 characters

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Glenda is a blue cleasner.

Grimble :purple_heart:

Neith :yellow_heart:

Rafaelle :blue_heart:

Lady Locke :green_heart:

Baldur :heart:

Is what I would do :blush: What a nice selection - congratulations :heart_eyes:

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My only comment to add anything new to the conversation is with defense.

When it comes to yellow, who would be on your defense? Roostley is a monster on defense but lack luster on offense, since the tank is usually the first to go. Neith is also great on defense but I don’t have any experience with her on offense.

Seconding Grimble! Heroes who destroy minions are awesome in this game.

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