Which 5* Holy Hero

I am able to max one of the following: Onatel, Inari, Justice or Musashi.
Already maxed I have Joon, Viv, Drake, Guin and Jackal.
Which of the 4 should I work on, please?

Onatel for being fun for raids.

Inari is also fun and good for titans with high tile and the dodge.

What are your other heroes?
Can you post some pics?

It’s between onatel and inari because justice and musashi is meh.

Don’t know about pics but I have maxed:
Kage, Panther, Sartana, Hel
Grave, Zim, Bold, Wilbur, Falcon
Lianna, Greg, Zeline, Tarlak
Magni, Kiril, Misandra
Joon, Drake, Guin, Jackal, Viv, Wu and another Joon 3:70

I just have a lot of yellow feeders ready to go.

I would go with Inari then as you don’t need a better tank or a defense’s replacement :rofl:

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