Which 5* heros do I ascend?

I’m ftp
3 x TC lvl 20 running currently (have been for 50 pulls with one 5*), other TC I’m training red 1* and 2* to feed Boldtusk.
Recently I got my first 5*'s, Atomos and Khagan (both im not happy enough to max out).

  1. Should I keep the 3 x TC lvl 20’s going until I get a good enough 5* hero to max out (at this point only green and blue due to lack of ascension items)? or focus levelling Boldtusk/Tiburtus/Khagan first (who will improve my current play)?

  2. If I keep the 3 x TC lvl 20’s going, which 5* heros are worthy of ascending? e.g. If I pulled Horghall, used my tonics on him, next day get Lianna, I’d be unhappy.

Any other thoughts or ideas would be appreciated.

Below is my roster and items

You’re probably not going to like hearing my say this, but if I were in your shoes I’d spend some of those mats you’ve been hoarding and get your valuable 4s levelled. You’ve got some really fantastic 4s to take up to 70. I think you’ve got a lot of room to grow there while keeping a couple TC20s spinning, hoping for Magni–who, IMO your team REALLY needs. The Grimm/Magni combo is devastating if you can get them both charged at the same time–very few max 5*s can survive it in raids.

Failing that, Isarnia?

But I wouldn’t be desperately holding out for 5*s you don’t have the mats to promote, anyway.


I’d really turn off all but one TC 20 (foodbank) and turn to using your mats to finish off the 4*. You’ve got so much untapped potential there it is making me cry. A fully maxed 4* is or better than an equivalent 3.70 5*. Honestly finish those projects and you are going to be so far ahead with your game you won’t even recognize it.


Thanks to you both for the advice, ill smash out some levelling for the decent 4*'s and keep the one TC20 going.

So a 4* maxed is def better than 5* 3.70?

And if you dont mind me asking, which ones would you reccommend using 4* ascension items on? Boldtusk, Tiburtus, any others?

Much cheaper to max, less emblems to raise their talents and almost similar or even better than the equivalent 3.70 5s.

20 maxed 4* are more helpful than a few maxed 5* and a weaker backhand.

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I’d cross reference need for Trials too. You might see Sabina or Skittleskull step forward because of it but Rigard, Boldtusk, Li Xiu, Grimm and Gormek numero 2, LJ, etc.

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