Which 5* heros are good at 3-70?

I have a few 5* whom I cannot ascend all the way. However, they draw most of their usefulness from their specials rather than their stats. I know it’s generally believed that a maxed 4* is better than a 3.70 5*, and I am currently working on my 4* heroes, but I’m curious what you think of my 5*, whether or not they are worth bringing to 3.70 even if it’ll be a long time before I can fully ascend them: Tyr, Telluria, Isarnia, Malosi.

It’s a little late for Tyr and Telluria, I ascended them to 3rd tier back when I didn’t even have solid red/green 4* to work on, but still would like to know how they’d fit with 4* reds and greens. My reds are Kelile and Scarlett (I have BT fully ascended), and my greens are Caedmon and Brynhild (Caedmon is next in line).

As for Isarnia and Malosi, they’ll be competing with Kiril, Costumed Sonya, and Wu Kong. I know these are some top tier 4*, but how would 3.70 Isarnia and Malosi look next to them. I don’t really know where to find the stats for 3.70 heroes, and have no idea how good they are at that level.

Beefy support hero’s work okay at 3.70, where you’re allowed to use them, but damage dealers and less sturdy support hero’s usually need to be maxed.

Isarnia is squishy even maxed… She’s better with costume bonus, but she’s the definition of a glass cannon otherwise.
Way, way too delicate to use at 3.70.

Malosi might be okay but the main problem is a 3.70 5* can’t be used as much as a maxed 4* - raid tournaments and event tiers can be valuable sources of ascension materials and you’ll use those hero’s forever.

Do the 4’s first.


Basically they don’t :frowning:
Any 4* hero with emblems will outlive 5* at 3/70.
Of course - 5 stars are tempting with their skills but can they use them in the fight…
Malosi - being very fast is an asset so he can fire
Isarnia at 3/70 most likely will never fire.
So the advice is - finish your 4* because they will help you in your quest, events challenges…much more than any 3/70 5 * . Whenever you get mats for maxing your 5* - then you can slowly start ascending them :slight_smile:


I guess I’ll start working on Sonya’s costume, gonna bring it to 3.60 while I’m waiting for mats. After than, maybe focus on some of my 3*.

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That’s the right approach :+1::+1:

Get stocked up for 3* and 4* event tiers and raid tournaments first… You’ll have fives going in the end, but you’ll still be using those 3’s and 4’s

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Stats of 5* at 3.70 are generally slightly lacking compared to the average maxed 4*, but on the other hand a 5* special is typically superior to a 4* one, too. I agree with the general sentiment of what’s already been said, but for me it’s really very much a case by case decision.

Stats at 3.70 for those heroes you mentioned:

Hero Attack Defense HP
Tyr 639 635 1103
Telluria 613 699 1198
Isarnia 670 550 1009
Malosi 625 613 1096

My thoughts by color (again considering only the heroes you mention):

Red: Tyr has serviceable stats at 3.70, nothing particularly overwhelming or underwhelming. His special skill is fast, and unlike any 4*. He looks useful at this level. Kelile would do more direct damage, but is lacking the “special” parts of Tyr’s special - which is more useful depends on the circumstance. Scarlett also does more overall damage, but less focused (target + neighbors), and gives -34% attack to 3 enemies. Her attack stat is really high for a 4*, which is good for tile damage (she might do almost as much damage with her special to her “main” target compared to 3.70 Tyr even), but on the other hand she’s one of the squishiest defensively. I see use for all 3 of these, depending on who/what you’re facing. I would say Tyr would be the strongest choice by far defensively, Scarlett is strongest offensively, and Kelile is the best all-rounder. Kind of a tough choice, rationally I would’ve picked Kelile first because of general usefulness (she’s actually super similar to Marjana at 3.70) but I do like the other 2 also.

Green: Telly leans a little stronger defensively with her stats, so decently survivable compared to most maxed 4*. Sadly I don’t have her so no direct experience, but I expect she’s still a really strong tank at this level among 4* and other 5* at 3.70, given how devastating she is at max. Brynhild is a good one too I think, though limited as general healer since she heals only 3. Caedmon is an excellent all rounder, a fast sniper that dispells buffs from all enemies, which can be extremely valuable. Kind of a tough choice, I think if I had to choose which to go with first, I’d start with Caedmon, and then Telly.

Blue: As has been pointed out, Isarnia is definitely squishy at 3.70, which is not a great combination with slow speed. However, all 3 of your blues are entirely different heroes that you would use for entirely different purposes. Issy at 3.70 can still be quite good against relatively low level Titans for one (especially against red ones obviously), the -44% defense will make a big difference there. With the +30% attack and defense boost, Kiril is a fantastic healer, one that will still be useful basically forever even when you’ve got plenty of 5* maxed. And Sonya is basically a blue version of Caedmon, but since you have her costume, she’d get an extra nod. The order I would go with for blue is Kiril first unless you already have multiple good healer options, Sonya second and Issy third.

Yellow: Malosi’s stats at 3.70 are also serviceable, not remarkable really. He is very fast of course, so that’s a big plus. He won’t do huge damage at 3.70, but the block on status effects is definitely useful. I don’t have actual experiencIe with him either, but he seems quite useful to me even at the 3.70 level - though his usefulness is somewhat limited to opponents that cast status effects. Wu Kong… some people love him, some people hate him. Unless you have a Ranvir or Tarlak or Miki, I think you will want him for the huge boost he can give to your Titan damage. He’s can also be good on offense in war/raids, in the right situation. With neither of these being real all-rounders, which to choose first really depends on what’s more important to you. But for the Titan damage alone, my personal choice would be Wu first.


Thanks for the detailed explanation. Yeah, Kiril was going to be my first ascended blue, but the I got Grimm, Rigard’s costume, and Boldtusk. Rigard and Boldtusk would be a no-brainer, and I needed a sniper, so I ascended Grimm. I plan on ascending Caedmon next, so I’ll have him and Grimm. The choice between Kiril and Sonya will be tough because at that point, I’ll have 2 good snipers and 2 good healers. I am really intrigued by Sonya’s Costume, so I may go with her. That said, if I pull a solid yellow sniper somehow, I may decide to go with Kiril…time will tell, I guess.

It’s rare that I disagree with the wise folks who post, but I do here, to an extent.

Yes, a maxed (and especially emblemed) four-star is stronger than many five-star heroes at 3.70. So, I think the advice to max your four-stars is sound.

Where I disagree is that I think that those five-stars at 3.70 are useful. Certainly against titians; for example my Miki and Ranvir are both at 3.70 and feature in my titan teams (we fight 9-10 star titans). While my titan goes aren’t always magnificent, the blame lies on me and not Miki or Ranvir. If you don’t have Grimm, then Isarnia’s defense down is good against titans, too.

Secondly, depending upon how you raid in war, having those 3.70 heroes as support is also useful, particularly if you like to stack 3-2 and face color-coordinated tanks. As mentioned in the OP, their specials are still effective (if you can get them to fire).

Thirdly, I found that using these heroes gave me experience in their use. This is informative into which of those heroes best fill gaps on your roster and/or match your raiding style and helps set a priority so that you know which 3.70 hero gets your Tome of Tactics, for example.


Good point. I guess a lot verges on whether or not they can survive alongside my 4* at the level where I’m competing. My alliance is around 6*-8* on titans, and we are pretty chill, so I don’t know if we’ll be advancing far anytime soon. And I’m in early Platinum, sometimes dropping into Gold overnight, but I think by then, I’ll be getting more comfortable in Platinum. Maybe that will provide more context as to my expected level of competition for the next few months.

I just got finished maxing Rigard’s costume (Rigard himslef is still at 4.1 since I use costume), my Grimm is +6, and Mist is +7. Those are my only maxed 4* heroes. In works are maxing BT and bringing Sonya’s Costume to 3.60.

As we get bigger, badder 4* and more and more options — We also get more 3.70s…

Who are the worst of the 5* 3.70?

EASy to answer this question,NOOR is the worst 3/70 but the BEST 1/1.
As she should never be leveled


Noor is really good on map stages…if you’re far enough along to not need a survivor/protector on maps then yeah she’s probably worthless. But she is better than a lot of other 5s at 3/70. Mine is staying at 3/70 until she gets a significant buff, but she isn’t the worst. Azlar and Quintus are probably contenders for worst at 3/70.

I used Noor 3/70 in war to good effect on this morning’s attacks - took out the #2 opponent’s team, and I wasn’t even combining her with my “best” attackers - I believe I had Costume Melendor on the team, and Hansel too. I essentially treated her as a second healer and it worked out just fine - I don’t even think the enemy team had any minion summoners, I just wanted to try her out.

EDIT: To answer the actual thread topic… I don’t really bother with my 3-70 Obakan anymore, or Richard - even though it’s Costume Richard with costume sitting at 3-70 also. I just have better blues to work with. And even poor 3-70 Elena gets used in war, but Richard doesn’t.

Good gaming!

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I never use my 3-70 Obakan. My 3-70 Quintus only gets used for certain class trials where I have limited options. I rarely use Elena at 3-70. Azlar went straight to 4-80 so I didn’t get much chance to try him at 3-70.

I was just thinking about a closely related issue to this, so will share it here

I feel like before emblems you could use a 3/70 in a war attack and have a reasonable chance of them doing something. With the advent of emblems, and the current speed of the meta, a 3/70 is pretty much cannon fodder

The issue being that a four star at +18 is pretty similar to an ascended five, but for the same ascension materials a 4/70 four gets access to that extra strength and a five star cannot have that. There is an argument that a 4/70 is more powerful than a 3/70 in most cases also

The only ones I would take any more are the super tanky insurance policy healers like Heimdall or Raffaele, but even then expecting much out of them is probably unrealistic

So for me it makes sense to list what remains usable, rather than what is unusable - they are largely unusable unfortunately

Yeah…depends if your talking raid, war, map, event…and what level you are raiding/warring at. Generally a 4/70 is always better than a 3/70 5* (though there MAY be some exceptions). Usable is debatable too. What is usable depends on what other heros you have. None of my 3/70 heroes are REALLY usable other than testing them out for ascension merits.

Lately the only hero I found useful enough to use somewhat regularly at 3-70 was Malosi. Mainly for the block. And only long enough to get that sixth dart.

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One 5* hero that served me quite well at 3/70 before I got the mats to finish him: Miki.

RE: most of the others? Ehhh I’ll take a 4/70 4* over a 3/70 5* any day.

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In my opinion,

least usable 5 at 3/70 : Obakan (I don’t think I’ll find much use out of him even at 4/80)

On a similar note

super-useful 5 at 3/70: Miki and Heimdall (both of them are monsters. I still use them at 3/70 quite successfully)

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Can confirm on both Miki and Obakan.

Miki was great at 3/70 (fortunately finally got the mats to bring him to 80).

Obakan, brought to 80 because I didn’t have any other better options. He’s still fairly useless.

That’s not to say that I don’t use him, he still gets used in purple stacks, but he doesn’t make main teams. And if I had 30+ legendaries like some people here, he probably wouldn’t even make my backup teams.

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