Which 5* heros are good at 3-70?

Which 5* heros are good at 3-70 while waiting for mats?

Malosi, Grazul, Ranvir, Mikki, Tarlak, Freya, The Hatter.

Heroes that generally have decent utility or have fast-v. fast mana. Mikki is slow but he is still good for titans and events as you can dump mana pots into him, same for tarlak and ranvir.

Malosi and Grazul are good at 3/70 because of their mana speed which gives them the flexibility to choose when to fire or hold onto specials that may negate entire DoT or heroes that will give your team deadly ailments.

Just a few examples. But there are many more. On the whole though it is better to have 4* fully leveled than using 5* at 3/70 because their base stats are usually better.

Hope this helped!


Generally it’s ones with useful specials you can’t get from a 4*…

A 4* at max will generally be better than a 5* equivalent at 3.70.

So others that go on that list… Frida, Evelyn, Panther, Telluria, Black Knight.

There are plenty… But most of them are hero’s you’ll want maxed ASAP


healers and truly support heroes might perform well.

vivica, miki, etc.

My general opinion:
Heroes which purpose is direct damage dealing (sniper e.g.) are worse at 3-70 compared to 4* 4-70.
Utility and support heroes work at 3-70 in most cases.
One more example: Ares, my Kadilen also works at 3-70 if you see her main purpose in protection against heavy damage dealers.

Miki is definitely usable on titans up to 11*

Aegir is usable on all red Titans at 3/70, just feed him mana first and with a decent board your team will stay alive all the way

There are many other examples of heroes who are useful at 3/70, usually faster mana and/or tankier stats make the difference

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Telluria, Grazul, Miki, Grimble, Frida, Arthur, Evelyn, Panther…

As refence, here is stat list at each tier.


Personally, the only ones are Support heroes…

Those being heroes who fall into one of the following categories:

  1. tile buffers
  2. Defence / Elemental Defence Down
  3. Support Utility (other ALLY buffs e.g. immunity, cleanse, attack or defence buff).

That’s about it imo… I’m not talking heroes who “feature” one of those elements, I’m tanking ones who are out-and-out that being their primary roll.

Healers kinda can, but typically you need the healer to SURVIVE to be effective, which isn’t a guarantee at 3-70… They’ll work just not brilliantly.

Ones who definitely don’t work at 3-70;

  • Snipers.
  • Damage over Time
  • Damage over Area
  • Tanks

That’s my vote anyways… Hope it helps.


I think you need to look at your actual options and not just go with a 4* over a 5*.

I can think of 5* snipers I would prefer at 3.70 over a similar 4* at 4.70.

For instance Leo at 614, 604, 1027 with 365% damage and -40% man cut plus heal over Chao at 707, 675, 1115 with 315% damage and -25% mana cut.

Or say Marjana at 562, 599, 1181 with 458% damage and 284 DoT over Kelile 675, 686, 935 and 320% damage and 360 DoT.


I’ve seen some version of “4-star heroes at 4-70 are generally better than 5-star heroes at 3-70” a lot on these message boards, and I don’t get it. I have 14 5-star heroes at 3-70 and 13 4-star heroes at 4-70. Only 5 of my 13 4-star heroes rank above my worst 5-star hero at 3-70 (in terms of power). Of those 5, 4 either have emblems or a costume bonus. The only exception is Mist, a season 3 hero, but she still ranks behind 11 of my 14 5-star 3-70 heroes.

What am I missing?

Power level of a hero is a bad indicator of their overall usefulness. Generally speaking, the problem with legendary heroes at 3/70 is that they are not survivable enough. Some don’t hit hard enough either. Essentially, their stat that makes them what they are hasn’t reached full potential just yet. Triton at 4/70 has much better attack than Magni at 3/70, etc.

Definitely Miki.

I’d love to get him to 4/80 once I get enough scopes, but he’s still very useful vs. titans at 3/70. His own individual damage might be negligible, but he more than makes up for it with the extra damage he gives to the rest of the team.

I don’t think it is that clear. Magni special at 3.70 will hit harder then Trion. Yes Magni stats are lower but I would also prefer Magni def up over Trioton extra heal.

Using Guardian Gazelle at 3-70 on most of my raids. Fighting in 2600 - 3000 cup range.

Got the darts for max, but havent decided on that yet.

Triton’s tile damage is superior, and his defense is also 100 points higher, which is very important for such frail heroes.

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Agree Triton has better tile damage but Magni has more heath. If we convert health to def 2/1 then the defence difference to Triton is only 30. For that you get more special damage and a better side effect.

I think it is a close call but would probably prefer Magni. And op is looking for hereos that are good while waiting so that for me would close the deal in Magni’s favour. Triton will not get any better excluding of cause emblems.

There’s an elephant in the room here…

A maxed 4* can go everywhere a 5* at 3.70 can.
But when it comes to epic tier events and 4* raid tournaments, that 5* is useless to you.

In this sense, that 4* is much, much better to have.

This is why I say it’s a question of whether you can get the same job done in 4* - if it’s not, then a 3.70 is easier to justify.

If you can get that effect in 4* then you’re going to find that 4* hero useful when you have the 5* equivalent maxed too…
For example, maxing Isarnia doesn’t instantly make Grimm into food, even though they’re both glass cannons that drop defence.

This game is long term so there’s plenty of utility in still having those maxed 4* left behind later on in the game…
There is little to no use having a deep bench of 3.70’s that you don’t have the 4* mats for once shinier projects barge in and take priority (eh: Magni at 3.70 could easily stay there if you then pull Alice or Alasie… At that point, you could feel like a mug for not maxing Triton instead).


Not to mention that a 4* at 4/70 has access to emblems, whereas a 5* at 3/70 does not…



Elena and Grimble for me. My 3/70 Elena is really my good Hero in the war. Her reflect skill is really helpful when I have to hit the hard hitter.
My #1 for 3/70 is Grimble. He is definitely underestimated. Now everytime I raid and have to fight with Telluria, Grimble is always my life saver.
He’s powerful and useful. I’m waiting for that two tones jacket to level him up.

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