Which 5* heroes you would NOT ascend and why?

Topics about Elkanen and Leonidas are a recurring theme of disappointment, but are there other heroes that you guys consider worthless?

Provided you are not swimming in ascension materials, which of these heroes you would pass on, considering them a waste of items? What bugs you about them so? What are they missing for you to change your mind?

Do you have any lying around and waiting for better times?

Have you resorted to feeding any of them to another hero?

Ares - Marjana - Natalya - Khagan - Kestrel - Guardian Kong - Azlar - Elena - Gravedigger

Thorne - Richard - Arthur - Perseus - Alasie - Athena - Lepus - Magni - Isarnia

Horghall - Elkanen - Morgan - Kadilen - Alberich - Zeline - Lianna - Lady Locke

Guardian Owl - Justice - Guinevere - Delilah - Vivica - Joon - Leonidas - Musashi

Sartana - Aeron - Thorth-Amun - Sargasso - Hel - Domitia - Quintus - Panther - Obakan

I’m thinking of passing on Thorne. After Magni, he is my only other 5* blue, but I just can’t get excited about him yet. Change my mind! :wink:

Jury is out.


I saw what you did to Gravemaker but Alasie is still there. :slight_smile:

Don’t have Guardian Owl but I don’t like the bird.

I didn’t know if Gravedigger’s card has been shown all over the place yet :slight_smile: I’ll add.

I believe it is gravemaker

And how do you think he makes those graves, eh? EH? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Only ones I’d not ascend are Thorne and G.Kong. Maybe Sargossa. Not sure about Elkanen/Kadilen either.
After the buffs rest are good enough imo. Except Owl, but I like the Owl enough that I do not care :smiley:

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There are beta cards for Alasie and Gravemaker here:

No telling how they’ve been adjusted since, though several people have said Alasie has been nerfed.

For myself, there’s no 5* I wouldn’t like to completely level, but there are some which I wouldn’t put unfarmable materials into unless I already had leveled better heroes, even if I’m still waiting to actually get those better heroes.

I have the tabards to fully level two dark 5* heroes, but still don’t have any that I would classify as better than ‘Meh’ compared to my 4* types. I’ll wait until I get Sartana or Panther and level them before considering higher ascensions for my current crew, or at least wait until I have another full set of tabards ready to go, at which point Thoth-Amun might get an upgrade.

Others on the automatic bottom of the list that I currently have are the Guardians Owl and Kong, and Kaliden. Leonidas is low on my holy list, but that’s because I’ve got a decent batch of better holy heroes to work on first, not because I wouldn’t ascend him until last.

As far as I know Alasie’s mana reduction has been dropped to 24%. Might be old new though, don’t quote me on this.

You don’t tell me what to do. Anarchy!

But yeah pretty much the ones everyone’s been saying ( Leonidas, Elka). But it’s not like I have many 5*. Only recently managed to get a double TC-20 and only acquired two 5* (Vivica and Lianna). So I can’t afford to be too picky :sweat_smile:

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Bottom line at the top: My Quintas is tier 4. My Morgan Le Fay is tier 2.

For me it’s a contest between Green and Purple. I’m not ascending morgan le fay yet. While she is strong, her 3rd tier requirements are similar to everyone elses 4th tier. To even put her on my team, I feel like I have to give up my favorite healer Melandor. Melandor is absolutely necessary for removing reflect from the enemy (and other annoying buffs). Alternately I happen to have Sabina who is much cuter than Melandor despite missing a nose, otherwise all stats are very similar. I just didn’t get her until after Melandor was already tier 4. It then boils down to Quintas and Morgan le Fay. I am lucky enough to have 2 heroes that are 5*****. But just as unlucky that they have to conflict with my favorite healers. Ironically it’s a problem that I am grateful to have to face. :wink:

If you made a list of heroes that aoe damage all units, Quintas probably does the most damage. Strtegically that removes any units that are close to being knocked out as well as a nice damage margin to those remaining. He is effectively a nuke. Morgan le fay can be fairly effective but it’s a kind of poison/vampire damage that does damage over time to the enemy while healing herself. She can only hit one unit at a time, however If she has different units under her spell the heals from them stack up and makes her very effective. Fully trained she could probably take on a pvp battle by herself but it would drag out the battle for a long time. I doubt anyone would be better fully trained front and center on a defense team. Right now that is still speculation. So with limited ascension materials Quintas is far more gratifying than Morgan and better for offense than defense. She may have to wait until I get a sweet ascension packet for christmas from a rich uncle or something lol.

In the end I expect I will have a favorite offensive team with Quintas and a favorite Defensive team with Morgan Le Fay.

I never have heard or seen this gravedigger???

i go for guardian owl… pfft…

The way I see it is, if the 5* hero is already competitive after using the rare ascension items the first time, then I don’t see any point to spend the resources. You have to think of it in terms of what you look to accomplish. Are you raiding in diamond, attacking strong titans or trying to rank high on the leaderboards, then I would max out any 5* hero at your disposal. If not, then ascend whoever you can when you can. For example, I have Natalya, Azlar, Elena, Khagan and Guarding Kong for 5* Fire heroes, I only plan on getting them leveled to 3rd ascension because the position that I’m in doesn’t warrant going any further.

I will hold onto my materials and not upgrade my Obakan to the max, because I can’t see it being worth it. He seems extremely lackluster in all scenarios. I’m about to get my 3rd lvl 20 Training Camp soon, so I’d rather wait it out and keep rolling in hopes of Sartana or any other purple.

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Kadelin was my first 5* hero and has been sitting at 2^60 for about half a year. By the time I had the ascension materials I had heard about Zeline but for as much as I tried, I couldn’t convinced SG to hand her over.
Lianna finally found me this month and we’ve been happier than any Kadelin could make me.
By the time I get another 2 (I have 4 left) Tonics I’m sure a new better green or old-hotm will make it’s way to me.
Sorry Kadelin, we had good times farming 8-7 but that’s all you’ll ever be to me.


All of them, because I have no ascention mats!


Alkanen, G.Owl, Azlar, Khagan, Isarnia, Horghall, Kadilen, Aeron, Quintus & Obakan…
I really don’t see myself taking these to full maturity anytime soon…I have some to lvl60 and lvl70 but most are untouched, and that’s where they’ll stay for a long time. Too many better options…

I only have Horghall and Isarnia…

Feels bad man.

Isarnia can be pretty ■■■■ solid on titans, I believe. She has a very high attack skill (3rd best in game, beat only by Elena and Locke) and if you help her with a mana potion or two, her defense reduction is - obviously - great there.

Skill damage doesn’t matter that much when it comes to titans. In the end, for instance you hit for 30k, probably 5k out of it is actually direct skill damage, everything else is tile-work :slight_smile:

You can see how she compares to others here, if you wish: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1TzEoumbKrVfcsu7PDw6gqxWz6rQQXKDqc9f5mQ8lNcc/edit

I’d take her over Quintus, for instance, any day of the week.


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