Which 5* heroes to ascend, please? (to complement current team)**

Hi dears,

I was able to acquire 3 tomes of factics today - YEAH SG!! - THANK YOU!!! - and now I need some advice, which 5* heroes to ascend, to complement my current raiding team.

I have 5 blades and 5 tomes of tactics, so I could ascend 5 5* heroes.
Various ascension materials are also available. I have been saving up …

My current defense team is:
Alberich, Natalya, Richard, Joon, Rigard. (all maxed)

For attack, I sometimes double up on the tank. 4* heroes available and also the 5* mentioned below.

Other maxed 5*: Obakan

5* heroes sitting at 3/70 (or slightly lower):

    • *Azlar - materials available - he would make a nice tank on defense, wouldn’t he?
      • Delilah - materials available - I wish to ascend her
      • Sartana - waiiting for 1 tabard - I definitely wish to ascend her, will save 1 set of blade and tome for her
      • Guardian Panther - she will have to wait, Sartana comes first
      • Zeline - materials available - but what would she do in my raid team?
      • Arthur - one set of materials available - but I have one maxed blue 5 * already (Richard)
      • Perseus - one set of materials available - but I have one maxed blue 5 * already (Richard), and if anyhing, he would be after Arthur

Other 5* heroes available, which have no priority to me:
Kadilen, Elkanen, Horghall
Guardian Kong

Now, what would the experienced raiders say, please?

By the way, I also participate in AW, but my priority for these 5* is raids. I would not mind a decent 5* attack team :slight_smile:

Thank you very much in advance for your help and support.

I vote for:
1). Sartana
2). Azlar
3). Perseus
4,5) ? :slight_smile:

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I’d say 2-5 for certain! Incidentally I’m working on those very same, having also gotten a few tomes over the last 24 hours.

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Sartana - Arthur - Panther (good luck with 6 more tabards but she is worthy) - Delilah - Zeline
Yeah sometimes azlar gives trouble but I personally don’t like him at all. And by the way if you’re looking for a tank Arthur will do the job


First, I agree with your two “piles” of 5*—who’s in queue, who’s on the bench.

As to the queue:

  1. Delilah. You’ll want a 5* healer to supplement Alberich. Delilah is great in this role; I’m working her up for this purpose.
  2. Arthur. Superb blue hero. He’s an upgrade to Richard in every department. Great on titans, great on offense, great tank.
  3. Zeline. She’s an awesome hero. Debuffing all foes is common among the 4* heroes, but unique to Zeline among the 5*. Given the number of HotM and event heroes that rely heavily on effects (Ares, Alberich, Guinevere, Aeron), she’s a great arrow to have in your quiver when raiding against teams with these heroes. She also deals out a lot of damage (considering that she’s fast mana) and greatly reduce incom8ng attack damage.
  4. Sartana. I completely love Panther and have spent too much in my vain attempt to lure her to my team, but I think I agree on the sequence. Panther doesn’t actually hit very hard—she’s best as the “one” of a one-two punch. Sartana is your best “two.” Panther is great against yellow titans, though.
  5. Azlar. Hmmm. He’d be a boost to your raid defense, dropping Natalya (whom the AI plays badly). I’d probably leave him home for offense, though, except as part of a many-red squad against green titans. Or you could hold the blade/Tome for Panther.

I’m not a Perseus fan. Please see the Arthur v Perseus thread for more on that.


With Alberich she could call for double Red attacker, good if you put a Blue tank.

For raids Id say

  1. Sartana
  2. Zeline
  3. Arthur
  4. Azlar
  5. Perseus
  6. Delilah

Taking into account both raid aspects.


Agree for raids; considering wars though (I know, not Anja’s fav), Delilah and the extra healing is great. And don’t underestimate the value of those guardian’s attack in a protracted raid.

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Delilah most valuable asset is to both heal and prevent incoming damage and paired with Alberich che can do it better: ress hero and warding minions for a happy refill. The fact that she uses direct heal while Alberich uses heal over time makes your team very likely to survive.
For alliance war is indeed great, also thanks to the revenge bar mechanic.

Thing is that to me every time a Delilah is spotted a double purple is in her way and purple attackers have very nasty effects (even if not common) like Crush of Hell and Arcane Blast, wich are also very effective vs other color heroes with no downsides.

To me is better trying to make attackers doubling the elemental colors than dark/holy to have more success chance with defense.

Agreed, so with Anja’s heroes, leveled, I’d set a defense of

Alberich, Azlar, Arthur, Delilah, Sartana

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I’ve been playing for 5 months and somehow got 8 tomes in that time, 2 great deals I will be missing out on -_-

If we swap Zeline with Delilah there will be no escape if the team start rolling if they don’t take out Arthur before he fires his special. Azlar will love his blue shield, he will like also the attack reduction from Arthur and Delilah to survive until his special will bring ruin upon attacking teams! :lion:

That could work well, too—it’d depend on the team you were facing.

BTW, Arthur doesn’t shield anyone else, and he only shields himself against special attack damage (Kadilen’s shield, for self only).

Right, I missread

seems that quoted characters don’t cout for the 20 limit :frowning:

Thank you very much indeed, dears!
Looks like I will be quite busy for a while :slight_smile:

Dispel on three.
Great tiles damage.
Elemental debuff.

Sartana who?

I’m on the Panther>Sartana side. You already have Obakan.

Zeline is very useful in offense and defence.

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