Which 5* hero you want most from League of Villains?

Base on heroes you have and your opinion, if you have a special token than can summon specific 5* hero you choose from League of Villains Portal, which hero you choose ?

Detail Link for 5* hero from League of Villains

Asterius – 5* Fire/Red
Crystalis – 5* Ice/Blue
Dark Lord – 5* Dark/Purple
Isrod – 5* Fire/Red
Karnov – 5* Dark/Purple
Toxicandra – 5* Nature/Green

  • Asterius (Fire/Red)
  • Crystalis (Ice/Blue)
  • Dark Lord (Dark/Purple)
  • Isrod (Fire/Red)
  • Karnov (Dark/Purple)
  • Toxicandra (Nature/Green)

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4* Heroes…

4* Heroes
  • Ingolf
  • Sanngrior

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3* Heroes
  • Edd
  • Skrekok

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I know I am way off on a limb on this one. For most people he is probably the last one they want. I want Karnov.

Purple is my strongest colour and he would be a great addition to my main purple stack slotting in with Seshat and costume Sartana. I am not concerned about him being slow as he would be a support hero and given how many times I usually manage to get seshat/ sartana off he should still fire. The tile damage afterwards would be immense too.

Also well titans…

Didn’t get him though. Unless lucky with token from stage completion he will need to wait till next year…

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From 5* heroes it’s Toxicandra and Karnov.
From 4*/3*, tbh none of them are any good. None of them bring anything new to my roster.

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Toxicandra and Isrod, Isrod would be a good flank for Frigg I guess. Edit. I also want to put my Paladin emblems somewhere lol

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I would have voted “none” on the four star poll had it been an option.


Toxi and Karnov, hands down. Rest is … So so. Pulled the bull but i have plenty of strong reds already.

Since I don’t own Vela, for me it would be Crystalis. And Toxicandra. Others seem meh for me.

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LMAO. With such stupid odds I doubt I’ll pull anyone. League of Pay-to-win.

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I’d go for none. They did not convince me, the new DoT can be cleansed. And for sure not Karnov, slow?!? Meh!

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I need good and strong greens. She fits that perfectly.

Just pulled Crystalis. Wasn’t aiming for anyone. I have zero telescopes. Just ascended Glenda yesterday lol. She’ll be next in about 6 months.

Toxicandra is the hero I wanted the most!
Fast healer + Mana regen + cleanser (what else you want?)

After spending a lot the previous days without any result! (total garbage)!
I said to myself NEVER again…and promised not to spent a dime for a long-long time!!!

I got her with just a single pull with my FREE challenge coins collected!!!
Is that crazy?

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Toxicandra and Asterius for me. Toxicandra for obvious reason and Asterius for stackinf defense-down on titans. Voted for minotaur because he’s last currently.

Sangrior is meh, but still better than Ingolf. So her. But I got her already.

Skrekok for obvious reason. Have one already, got maxed immediately. Second one would be nice too.

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