Which 5* Hero to Ascend First

Good evening!
I would like to give me your backgrounds whom did ascent first??
(I have all 4* heroes from S1 and S2 but not all to the maximum).
So my heroes are following:
-Kingston 2.60 (x2)
-Mok Arr
What is your opinion?








Would probably be my order. But depends what you need most

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I’d max Ariel first. A reliable healer, good defending and attacking, supporting your other heroes. After Ariel, GM is the choice, then Kingston or Lianna.

Avoid the shark.

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You’ve had some good luck there! I’d be most concerned with Ariel, Kingston, & Gravemaker myself But I usually go color specific when leveling so I’d be doing them all at once were it me. They are all good heroes but those would be my primary concern.

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As you understand if I exclude Kingston (2.60) this is my first time that I would like to do with right thinking!

My first choice would be Ariel.

GM is great, but not a huge need for reds at this time. If you need reds, take him first.

Ariel well.This is the way!

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