Which 5* Green?

My current 5* maxed are:

And Victor

I now have 2 other 5* ready for there last ascension. Which is best and why. Thanks for the help

Telly or Lianna

Eh… One of those. XD

Off the bat, I say Telluria. She is definitely one of the best tanks. You have Sartana & Khiona for cutting people down. Telly will keep them alive.

However, they have announced today that a nerf for Telluria is coming. We should get more details later this week. They have nerfed some heroes in the past (including Guinevere and Boldtusk) and they’re still among the best of the best, so I wouldn’t be too concerned. But it would be irresponsible of me to not at least point it out.

I would refrain from maxing Telluria until we know the details of her nerf.

You can wait forever, I’d say. From what I can see 60% of players are against her nerfing.

Not forever. The beginning of June Upcoming Balance Changes - Announcement Discussion (May, 2020) - #612 by Thorspan

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The more Telluria’s debate continues, the more I think it’s the Telluria/Vela synergy that people are really so tired of. They might find a way to nerf the combo with minimal changes to Telluria. I hope so, or else they’ll probably just hammer her without really fixing the problem.
They might change her class to Druid. Then people can’t easily emblem Telly and Vela at the same time. Wouldn’t be the first class change–Guinevere also used to be a paladin, apparently. Making Telly a druid would be kinda awkward though, since she’s already cranking out minions anyway and there’s a max of 3. But I digress… You can just go look at the debate for yourself, which @djmindcrasher just posted a link for

I could live with that, Paladin class in my roster is extremely crowded. And Kvasir is a druid too and he makes minions.

Thank you. I missed that thread somehow.

However, I doubt, Telluria will completely ruined. So, like Guinevere, she will be still a decent hero. So, topic starter can choose her over Lianna, because all other listed 5* are more offensive and a healer and mana control hero will add diversity to their roster.

It’s the hottest discussion on the forum right now :smiley: If I had to choose between Tel and Lianna now, I would have chosen Lianna but that’s my anger talking and my roster looks different than op’s.

Players dont decide direction of game.
100% players want to get great heroes for free - it doesnt mean they will get it.

But they do influence it.

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Still forum users are only small part of players and only minority of players got telluria.
Claiming that 60% of players is against nerf is just not true its wishfull thinking

^^^ Yup. And beta testers, as well as the ones actually in charge of deciding what ultimately happens with Telluria, make an even smaller group of people. I like to imagine they’re wiser and more level-headed than the whole debate going on right now. There isn’t an easy way to tell what’s coming until the next beta round comes out, which will hopefully arrive late this week.

It’s just bad wording. I meant to say 60% of forum votes. But let’s avoid starting yet another thread about Telluria nerfing. Forum is already overloaded with such threads.

In my honest opinion, you are better waiting until after V.30 is released in June.
Then you will know what the nerf to Telly is and if she is really damaged.
There are also going to be other nerf / buffs to other heroes in V.30. (Heroes not yet announced)
Good luck