Which 5* Green would you level up?

I only have enough tonic for one. I would appreciate some advice.
Thank you in advance.

Damnnnn nice collection, especially given Green is typically a weak colour.

What are you main interests / objectives? Do you have emblems available in any of their classes?

Def not Horghall, others you can’t really go wrong.

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Thanks for your response.

Have emblems a plenty. Thinking either Evelyn or Zeline…

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Evelyn if you have enough snipers.

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I’d say zeline first, one of the best hero’s there is
Lianna 2nd, even now in top 5 snipers in game
Eve 3rd, her special works just as well at 3/70 and you don’t feel her maximum benefit until she has some nature friends to play with
Greg 4th
Horg hopefully by now you’ve pulled a different 5* nature to work on before him :wink:


Depends on where your priorities lie, and what other heroes you have maxed, but taking a swing at it - Horghall is definitely out.

Also, I’d leave Gregorian on the side too; his crit buff is great, but that average speed puts him right below the rest in most cases. The only thing is if you wanted a support hero for blue titans, but even then, that crit buff will work just fine at 70.

That leaves Lianna, Zeline and Evelyn.

Evelyn works best paired with other greens, and the elemental defense lowering and dispel work fine at 70, so I’d probably hold off on her til you get another one or two greens maxed to pair her with.

Lianna vs Zeline, now that’s tough, but I’m leaning toward Zeline. That dispel and attack reduction are just SO good, and she’s one of the best flankers in the game, so in order for her to have a spot on your defense team, she’ll need to be maxed. Plus, that lowered attack is great for titans, along with her higher attack stat.

Lianna is a beast at what she does, and is one of those heroes that really needs to go to 80 to shine, but there are tons of other snipers in the game too. Although, if you don’t have any maxed already, I’d be inclined to go with Lianna.

So I’d choose between Lianna and Zeline, with Lianna being more for offense, and Zeline defense/blue titans. Both would work in the other’s position too, so Lianna could do defense and titans well, and Zeline could do offense well, but in order to make that decision, I’d pick based off of your own personal goals and preferences.

Personally, I’d do Zeline; I’ve grown to be a huge fan of hers. She’s probably one of my favorite heroes. Although, to be fair, I haven’t played with Lianna near as often. I’m not much into the fast sniping one enemy at a time, but if you are, she may be more your thing. Both are amazing though, so really can’t go wrong.

Good luck :relaxed:


Zeline. She is a game changer. Fast. Lower enemies attack and dispell all buff.
She is one of the most annoying hero besides guin and GM

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I appreciate the detailed feedback @RandaPanduh. You have made a convincing argument for Zeline.

Thank you :smile:

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zeline 20 characters

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Zeline for PvP and Evelyn for PvE.

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Zeline based on AOE attack debuff, good for defense strategy, then Lianna, on defense flank she can be a beast as mentioned…one shot 1, 2 and 3 one after the other, if the board is not favorable.

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Thank you @maldos04 @Ashland @Dragonst666 @RandaPanduh @mogulemon @modivata @FraVit93 and @Oliz for your responses. Zeline was the recipient of the tonics :smile:


Closed at OP’s request. :slight_smile: