Which 5*Fire to limit break

Not sure. I don’t think gefjon will profit a lot, she is already a crazy sniper, what should she do more?
Gravemaker, maybe? He is older so you can polish his stats a little bit, and also his dot should rise.
With Eli also no real idea, I’m not sure if the fiends will do significant more damage when she’s broken, her mana slow down won’t change. She will be a little bit sturdier, but :man_shrugging:

I haven’t limit broken a 5* hero (OK I’m also missing those Aethers) but I would have no idea which one I would choose in red, mine are all great but I can’t see one outstanding where I say they need it…

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One other way to look at it is, which of these teams do you wish to improve and what is the benefit of the improvement?

  • Raid/War offense
  • Raid/War defense
  • Titans
  • Tournaments
  • Challenge Events
  • Map/Quest
  • Etc

Once you prioritize that, you will find the hero most worthy of LB


To add to what’s already been mentioned, I feel like there’s two schools of thought on limit breakers:

  1. You use them to make OP heroes even more OP, or
  2. You use them to make great heroes of the past relevant in 2021

Gefjon and Liz would fall into category 1, while Gravey the second. If you LB Gefjon, she’ll hit a bit harder, 7% or so harder to be exact. Not really game changing in any way, but it’s some extra damage. If you LB Liz, she will be tankier. But she’s not designed to be tank, and while she may do the trick now, in about 6 months or so when everybody has had chance to catch up, she’ll be back to square one again.

If you LB Gravey, you’ll make his burn 7% stronger and himself 7% more durable. Again on paper this doesn’t seem significant at all. However I think the thing to keep in mind is he is one of only two very fast burners, and he’s the best in class at what he does. Making his burn 7% stronger means the DoT is stronger, which is great since DoT bypasses defense. Making him 7% sturdier means he has a greater chance of firing a second ot even third time due to his speed, and could potentially be game changing.

So from the above analysis, I would pick Gravemaker out of the 3.


I think I go with gravemaker. Only other option I have is marjana (without costume). Gravemaker ist much fun to play with and thats why he´s the logic option for me to LB.

Who would you use for limit breaking Black Knight or Elizabeth? Both full with emblems. Use in the defense teams. And whats the reason. I am so indecisive.

BK, because he’s the best offensive red in the game IMO. He’s not too shabby on defense either!

Not sure who I’d choose. I “only” have BK.

For my roster, BK +18 seems like the obvious choice to LB first: Gefjon +19, Vanda +19, Marj +19, Elena, and Azlar +18 maxed too. No costume for the S1.

I hate when people do have a point, so good point, that it’s hard to ignore it. :joy:

I might go with GM - it really makes sense to make him comparable to the newer heros, stat wise.

Elizabeth will be OK with +20 emblems… Gefjon could use a bit more survivability, but it’s not that huge difference anyway. Which leaves GM as the top candidate.

Continuing the discussion from Which 5*Fire to limit break:

Good points. My emblem prioritisation ended up making the weakest attacking player more durable, as even my strongest snipers needed two shots to down a L20 opponent. It makes me think v fast heroes are the prime candidates like GM. Now I have to think, is making 5 tile loading Garnet more durable the strategy, as she would help all heroes last longer, rather than just Gravey. Thos is so complicated!

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This is a rather hard question all around. For me, I have 2 options for red, GM who I use almost always when attacking If I bring red heroes (I raid with 3-2 stack, no matter If red is minority of majority, GM is there - usually with Lady Loki).
On the other hand, Emilio is both in my war def and in my raid def, flank in the former and second tank in the latter, but hardly ever sees offensive use.
Both would net more staying power and better DoT, altho with Emilio I’d get only the satisfaction of seeing enemies burn their flags on my def, with GM I’d get to actually play the limit broken hero myself.

With purple I’ll have kinda the same problem after the purple quest - Kunchen, my go to offensive healer, or Dr Moreau, a great all-purpose hero who’s also in both of my defenses.

Only solution I can think of is to lobby SGG to double the droprates retroactively, I guess.

I’m currently in the debate for either Elizabeth or Garnet to limit break. I don’t have Cobalt or Onyx, but even without them, Garnet can still be a pain to deal with. Deciding on which one I should limit break first

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