Which 5⭐ Dark hero deserves a raise?

So, I have 8 tabards and I am not afraid to use them (ha)
My current team is made up of Ranvir, Marjana, Frida, Seshat and Rigard (as I do not possess a 5⭐ healer).
I have a second seshat at tier 3, and a fresh Thoth-Amun. For the very near future, I plan on maxing my tier 4 Anzogh, and as soon as I get my paws on another tonic, Kingston. Now, the question is, do I max my second seshat? Do I max Thoth-Amun? Should I wait until I get another legendary dark? Who would be good with my heroes? Unfortunately, I did not get Kunchen to make my dream team complete. Nor the Lady of the Lake (that was before I maxed Elkanen out of sheer frustration from not having any other green five star)

I’ll attach a print screen with my main heroes (basically, I have a tier 3 magni, marjana, Elena, seshat and justice, along with my main team)

Oh, and I have 400ish fighter emblems, 250ish wizard emblems, and 250ish sorcerer emblems to work with. The others, I heavily invested in my team.

I’m open to advice, tips and opinions!

If you’re wanting Kunchen and do make efforts to pull, then he should be the featured returning HotM in January 2020 during Atlantis Rising (in theory…SGG could decide to revamp the entire process in 2020 if they wanted).

Otherwise, for certain heroes, I think a duplicate is worth it and Seshat is most certainly one of those heroes.


I actually rarely pay for more than a basic atlantis offer and the usual VIP, and right now I have 0 gems (as I summoned Kingston an hour ago with my last 300 gems). Until January, I can gather 3000ish gems. Realistically speaking, getting Kunchen in atlantis summons is highly unlikely. My tactic is to gather info on future hotm’s and hoard every possible summon item months in advance and go on a binge during the critical month. I tried for Grazul, but no dice. I’m now looking forward to maybe a strong red healer hotm in the future.

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Without any official or unofficial notice to go on.
The next presumed Fire HotM would be February 2020 and could be a primary damage dealer (as the last 2 Fire HotM were more utility heroes Anzogh & Grazul) possibly even a sniper to outclass Marjana.

Two maxed Seshat wings would be very annoying. Solid for wars, too.

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Ok. I’ll wait a while, until I finish maxing anzogh and kingston, and maxing tier3 for my 2nd marjana. Max my proteus too, as he is a very useful 4⭐. If no new darks (… Or archers, for that matter) show up, I will bring my 2nd seshat to 4/80, lvl 7 in talent tree. Because she is squishy without her talent tree.

Boy o boy…I would never imagine that somebody will have same issue as my own. I have exactly 2 seshats and one thoth. One seshat is 4/80, while the second and thoth are sitting at 3/70. And honestly - even thought diversity is great, I’m going up with 2nd seshat instead of thoth…only 2 more tabards to go :wink:

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I hv 2 seshat maxed. They were my first and second maxed 5*

They are awesome together in raids, Esp against guin. I hv not regretted maxing them

I personally hold a torch for Thoth-Amun because he is the best in his sorcerer class thanks to his minions, however, if you’re a spender, you could potentially pull some great heroes from the Atlantis Rises portal. You could also build up your TC to lvl 20 (if you haven’t done so already) and wait for Sartana, Obakan or Domitia, but that may be a waste of time.

Like I sadi, I love Thoth-Amun, but he isn’t for everyone. If you aren’t a spender though, I feel as if he is your best bet. I hope my words helped and good luck to you.

For defense I would swap Ranvir for Justice. There are very few heroes that should be duped but SESHAT is one. I did NOT hesitate taking #2 right straight up.

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This game rewards diversity and versatility. If you want to have a maxed duplicate 5*, that’s fine, but you may want to flesh out your roster a little first. @Abell

I have 2 TC20 with 30 days of heroes each. I am now two levels away from a 3rd TC20. It’s how I got, in the last 6 months of having at least one (since May 2019, been playing since Dec 2018), the following: magni, one marjana, justice and elkanen.

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Then I would wait for a 5* S1 dark to grace you with its presence. Obakan and Sartana are not bad options for people that do not spend.

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My Justice is not maxed. I barely gathered 6 darts for ranvir (the last one, I got in a vision). Anyway, ranvir is not in my defense team (which now is composed of elkanen, seshat, frida, rigard and marjana.
I’m maxing anzogh to be a tank, and will switch elkanen with him. Also, I will exchange kingston with either marjana or maybe frida. If I get my paws on a strong, at least average speed healer, I’m switching rigard and my while team will be healer + fast snipers.

Sartana is hot! I would not mind her!

@King_Kyree77 I am hesitating exactly because the game tends to reward diversity. For someone that is not a big în game spender, I think I did OK for myself. In one year, I gathered… 10? 5⭐ heroes, plus two duplicates. And countless 4⭐, to the point where my clan leader, a veteran, declared himself a little envious of my roster (which is fine, I envy him for having mars and khiona anyway).
I think i can afford to wait a little. If nothing comes up, two seshat will be the way to go

Update: I got Sartana in a tc20 yesterday :champagne::clinking_glasses:

@Abell, let me ask you this: how do you like your maxed Seshat? do you use her a lot? is she one of your first options to take out strong teams in wars?

If so, go ahead and level your second Seshat up, I doubt you’l regret it.

And who would you ascend 1st, Sartana or 2nd Seshat?
IMO, if I were you, I will ascend 2nd Seshat 1st. Because Seshat is upgraded version of Sartana.


I would have gone with seshat but for a single reason: I have over 400 wizrd emblems just lying around being useless, whilst archer emblems-those are for creating a more powerful seshat.

Oh, and i have 9 tabards at the moment. I think in 2 months or so, I will have both maxed.

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wow, thats much… I already give to Proteus+14 and Kiril+1, and later will give to Merlin+1 after maxed, and the rest will be for Anzogh as he is my future tank war.

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