Which 5* Blue Would You Do?


Misandra, Aegir, Isarnia or Alasie2? I only have Magni and Alasie levelled for 5* blues. My blue 4* troops are a level 30 Crit, a level 25 mana, level 15 Crit and level 11 mana. My main purpose would be offense for AW and PvP and Titans to a lesser extent.

I am leaning towards Aegir but am far from decided. Thank you in advance!


Aegir is defensive, if you’re looking for offense I’d go Isarnia or Misandra


I see Missandra as a pretty good hero. I would go for her myself.
On objective stand point Aegir might be the one for you although I’m not at all convinced about him (so going solely on 7DD’s opinion here).

One option is to wait for Athena to pop up at the atlantis summon.


Bingo! That is exactly what I will do. Thank you!


Thought you might like that one :wink:


I’ve got some luck with blue 5 stars. I’ve got the following. Which one is the best? I don’t need stats, I wanna hear your experiences with them.


I’ve got a Triton (maxed) in use.


Go with aegir he will be more useful than thorne or richard.