Which 5* Blue should I ascend next?

I can now ascend a 5* Blue hero. I have Magni, Isarnia, and Vela maxed, with Richard & Thorne at 3.70. I rarely spend money on the game, so any other Blue 5* is very unlikely to show up soon. I fugre they will both get done eventually, but which one first?

Who should be my next 5* Blue?
  • Richard
  • Thorne
  • Wait for somebody better

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Since you are barely summoning, better spend those scopes on the heroes you have, not on heroes you possibly wont have. As they say, the best heroes are the heroes that you have. This is especially true for players who are F2P and VC2P.

Am I the only one who likes Thorne and hope’s to pull him :smiley:

Yeah, I don’t know about that, I have always sat on my mats waiting for better hero’s, and I’ve gotten them. Waited 18 months with purple and then they started raining lol, glad I didn’t waste them.

Obviously, you are summoning more than what the OP has just disclosed.

A lot of players have maxed and even emblemed Thorne. He hits like a truck to the target with splash damage to nearby, and this is devastating especially if you also have Frida and Athena firing first. But that’s all he does. Richard on the other hand not only hits the target with splash to nearby, albeit a little less than Thorne, he also debuffs the attack of those being hit… for 6 turns. 6 turns is huge. It’s like having 3 enemy heroes deal less damage to your heroes in that span of time, increasing your survivability for you to be able to heal and return the favor back with damage of your own against the enemy.

What do you mean obviously? I have pulled the exact same amount of blue 5* heroes than OP. Assumptions much?

EDIT: If OP has pulled 5 and there’s no dupes that is.

Having the same number of ice legendary heroes in your respective hero roster does not mean both of you have the same number of times summoning heroes in the portal or have been continuously running TC20 at the same time. It is possible that OP may be lucky enough to get 4 of them from the training camp level 20. Based on the OP, he has only Vela as a non-S1 hero for ice. He has already stated that he rarely spend money, which only means he oftentimes summon using free coins or tokens or keys. It is also plausible that there may be dupes on his 5 distinct legendary ice heroes.

I don’t know which of you came to the game first. But I know for a fact that OP played E&P since 2018 or even the year prior. He has been in the forum since 2018. This bolstered the fact that he barely summon at the summoning portals using gems. You on the other hand may have been blessed with purple legendaries lately after 18 months of waiting. If you get them using free pulls or from TC20, lucky for you and kudos to you. May I ask then who are your heroes and the manner of getting them. If they are mostly non-S1 and drawn as a bonus draw or lucky pull, again, congratulations. You must be the luckiest E&P player around.

Well yeah I probably have pulled maybe only 3 S1 heroes from portals and others have been from event’s and some hotm’s, but definitely don’t pull much and have been really lucky. But it’s just fun that you make the assumption that I pull a lot when you have no way of knowing it :smiley: Just saying that they’ll come eventually.

EDIT: And yeah you asked who they were, my purples or blues? Alice (first 10 pull ever), Ariel finished S2, Magni TC20, Ariel (coins), Misandra today 1 coin pull. Purples Clarissa (keys), Alfrike (coins), victor (eht) And yeah, I’m in a serious lucky streak the last idk maybe 15 pulls have given me Alfrike, 2x Zulag, Vanda, Victor and Misandra.

Here’s the thing, the only way to get legendary heroes as many as you can is to summon as many as you can. They wont be coming to you as many as you want mainly by relying solely on TC20. That is the reason why I said the word “obviously”. You probably have summoned more times than the OP, or perhaps lucky enough to get those legendary heroes using free pulls or lucky draw.

Yea no, I probably have been, but if you think about my fist comment you really couldn’t know that, after all I did say I sat on those mats for 18 months waiting to get lucky.

In anycase, anyone can Ascend anyone they want, I was just saying that there’s a chance you get lucky at sometime and you will eventually it might take a long long time but it’ll happen eventually.

Good luck to OP, and yeah Richard is better than Thorne.

I voted for Thorne!
I have Vela and Richard both maxed, but I somewhat do regret maxing Richard. Not that he is a bad hero, but after my Vela got ‘nerfed / changed’ she seems a slightly better version of Richard to me (fast speed and attack-down to all). So that’s why I have Vela as tank on my defence.
And as Ultra mentioned it’s ‘better spend those scopes on the heroes you have, not on heroes you possibly wont have.’


Just a simple question. Why do you like Thorne as a hero in your earlier post? I may be missing something here that only you and a few others could have ever seen. I have 2 of him sitting idly, gaining dust, occupying my roster space, all unleveled. I know I like his artwork though.

I like him for the pure dmg, think he would be more fun to play with than Richard and also because of Challenge events for my blue team to hit those bosses to get it done more quickly.

I see. Well, he was my 1st 5* hero. Got him early on as a lucky EHT pull way back in the first half of 2018. Still stuck at 3/70 though. Scopes bypassed him as I prioritized ascending and maxing Athena, Frida, Ariel, Master Lepus, Snow White, Vela and Miki, in that order. Now I have 3 Glendas, 2 Magnis at 3/70, a dupes of Vela and Richard and the bleeper (Aegir) at 3/70. Will be getting my 6th scope from the POV in just a few days. I just don’t know which hero to invest on them. Tried summoning for Alice, Finley, Cobalt, Alasie and other fine ice legendaries but to no avail. E&P hates my guts. :sob: :sob: :sob: I am done summoning though. Using free keys and tokens and coins to visit the portal and try my chances. There’s no point getting more heroes when you don’t have the roster space and ascension materials for them.

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My vote goes to Richard. I have both him and Thorne on max but none with emblems.
In my opinion, Richard is more versatile and always seems to live longer than Thorne.
Whichever hero you choose good luck

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To clarify some things.

  1. I have been playing quite a while, and I summon using free pulls or freely earned gems, with some cheap VIP or share the gems offers as well.

  2. My TC20’s love producing Blue 5*. I have 12 Blue 5*, 11 of which are S1. Those are all from TC20, except Vela, of course, which was a “what just happened” moment for me. That’s almost double any of my other colors, and I’m missing 5 S1 heroes still. For the longest time, by 5* Red roster was comprised solely of Guardian Kong, while running 3 TC20. I’ve actually fed some Blue 5* to themselves to finish leveling, so the balance would be worse.

  3. I totally agree with using what you have. I’d been waiting a bit for my 6th scope - working on some blue 3* Valhalla drops and costumes. I finished those, and am now on 8 scopes. I will get more as I do the things that generate them, but it will be slow.