Which 4* to level first?

I have Wu Kong 3/60, Guardian Jackal 3/60, Merlin 3/60, and Wilbur 3/60. I have one compass. Which one to use it on? Jackal is my thought since he dies so easy at 3/60. Thoughts? Thx in advance.

What else do you have? What are your goals? My gut feel is Wu but hard to say with such little information.

Starting team is Magni, Mother North, Obakan, Joon, and Boldtusk. Have Lianna (leveling) and Evelyn (leveling), and 3 Buddy’s. Goal is a strong green and yellow team for Titans. Do AW and some raids. Not sure if that helps.

Okay, here comes The Talk.

4* are the beef of a mid game team. 5* are the sizzle. A 4* at 4/70 is about as good as a 5* at 3/70 but cost half as much in feeders/hams. In other words, you can get two full teams of 4* maxed up at similar cost to getting one rainbow of 5* at 3/70.

The limits to progress in this game are rare ascension mats, and the way you get more mats is to do better on titans. Get bigger loot tiers by hitting bigger titans for more damage.

How do you do that?

  1. Have a double-rainbow team, so you can omit the color weak to any Titan, and
  2. Have Wu Kong (or Tarlak, later)

The composition of the Titan teams helps, but Wu Kong will help any team hitting 11* or lower.

I would also counsel reconsidering whether leveling 5* heroes before you’ve got 4*s maxed is wise.


Everything kerridoc said. Although it seems you might benefit more from Wilbur rather than Wu at this point. Wu increases your damage output but it seems you might need to focus on survivability of your heroes first and Wilbur is excellent for that.

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Appreciate the responses. Looks like Wu or Wilbur. Just need to find another compass and ascend both.

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Level Wilbur, he will not die so easily anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

Wukong first then Wilbur. Both are excellent if you want good score against titans.
They are also very good on offence.
Wukong can get rid of tanks or high defense heroes.
Wilbur allow you to make snipers useless and upgrade your defense. It also allow you to kills ennemies easier.
Wilbur + Wukong = combo of death

Am I better off then in a weaker alliance where I can be a big dog and do the most damage to 8-9 titans, and get more A±A possibilities or a strong alliance where I am weaker where they take down level 11 titans but manage only c loot?

What matters (from the loot perspective) is what tier you get.

Tier = titan level + grade modifier

Grade modifier:

  • A+ = 3
  • A = 2
  • B = 1
  • C = 0

8* titan, grade A = 8+2 = loot tier 10
11* titan, grade C = 11 + 0 = loot tier 11

So you’ll get better loot on average from a C on 11s than As on 8s.

Alliances are also about social life, camaraderie, and success in wars, so if you’re having fun in your current alliance, the jump form loot tier 10mto 11 isn’t much of a plus.

I appreciate what you do here, you are awesome! Its no fun getting one shot by titans, but that’s temporary.

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