Which 4* to ascend next

Hi All

I am treading water until i pull a 5*, but have a few 4* I could fully ascend in the meantime so looking for advice on what would be best for all round utility . I am short on compasses (only 2 at the moment) but have sufficient other ascension mats.

Available 4 * : Peters,LJ, 2nd Sonya,Colen, Rigard, Chao, Li Xiu, Hu Tao
Already full ascended 4*s I have : Wu, Sonya,Caedmon,Sabina,Scarlett ( I love her , i think shes underrated!).

I have no interest in Raid Defense, Raid offense I could do much better but seems satisfactory. Would like to compete better in events.( I think I am short of stacking hero buffs!!), so I guess the best benefit could be made in titans.

Was thinking LJ for his tiles and Colen coz he impossibly saved my butt so many times

Thanks in advance for your wisdom

For now i say LJ or Peters.

You already has Scarlett so you don’t need Colen, and the others are not so good for events.

Btw, you absolutely need a defence reducer.

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Thanks Elpis, I am praying for Tibs & another color healer!!, or their are better 4 * options for elemental summons and defence reduction

Grimm/Boldtusk/Tibby/Kiril/Wu kong are always good.

Whoever you pick, farm him as soon as you can.

Peters and LJ in that order would be my preference. I do like Rigard though, he’s very tanky and his dispel of afflictions is rare and useful on some titans.

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Remember that next month’s event is likely Guardians, which is yellow reflective, followed by Knights again in April (?), which is blue reflective. This may tilt your decision.

CB Peters and LJ are both very effective in events for their special controls. CBP is fast and targeted, which i like more.

There’s a case for Rigard, to get a second purple powered up for Guardians, which has a lot of yellow minions and two yellow bosses (Jackal and Owl).


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