Which 4 star troops best with which hero?

I’d like to know which hero will need what troops.

I know Gravemaker needs 4 stars manna troops (tier 11)

which other have to combinations are there? Maybe Greg with 4 star crit troops?

I’d like to make here a list from your suggestions.


Gravemaker - 4 star manna troops min tier 11;




Guardian Jackal needs tier 11 manna troops to be faster.

Jackal goes with level 11 yellow mana troops, for the same reason as Gravy. Using a mere 3* troop with him in the last Pirates event was painful… :sob:

I’m not an expert on troops but I imagine it depends on your need. For example a hero like Richard, you can use a mana troop on him for offense to speed up and increase att stats, and a crit troop when you set him on defense, to boost his defense and HP so he handles more damage
Mana troops have those specific levels you must get to gain a tile for each mana speed, so that must be taken into account.


I like the mana troops best all the way, for every hero. Even if they aren’t leveled to 23. The reason mainly being the higher attack stat, but the additional healing is nice too. Pairs well with kiril. And I’m quite sure on defense the mana troops help your team gain mana faster wen if they aren’t the proper level for your tiles to charge them faster.

There was a thoughtful discussion of troops a while back in this thread, though it wasn’t hero-specific

ooops that page doesn’t exist or it is private :smiley:

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