Which 4 star to use

So I have 4 maxxed 5s that I play on my defence team, which 4 star should I use or keep tibs

Current lineup


Either Tibs or Merlin

You could always see how this team does and then test with Gormek in for Tibs and see if that is better or worse. Pray for a purple 5* or Rigard in the mean time.

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Use Grimm instead of Tiburtus maybe? He has same skill but 3 Points more power…for rainbow Team I would keep it like that…

Tiburtus is the best 4* for your defense imo. You already have 2 healers so don’t need Kiril. Merlin, Scarlett, Wu, and Lancelot are weak on defense. Tiburtus has a higher defense stat than either Grimm or Gormek, making him pair better with your healers, while still dealing good damage and softening up enemies for a killing blow from Marjana or Richard.

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