Which 4 star red and green hero?


I recently got a bunch of green heros and can now upgrade from my 3 star. The 4 stars I got were Melendor, Skittleskull and Littlejohn. I have a red healer in Boldtusk, but also have Collen and I like his fireballs.

What would you guys recommend for red and green heros for maps and raids? obviously for titans I choose the ones with attacking specials.

thanks in advance!



Melendor for the healing and Collen for massive dmg. Boldtusk is a good one to follow up with.


What do you mean “follow-up with”? as in once Collen is leveled? Sorry I’m new here.





“Pay no heed to these robber knights. You, Dante, be brave and honest and merciful.”

Be careful Dante, ascension mats are mighty scarce in these parts. Colen is fine after you get Boldtusk to 70. Melendor should be banished to the hell of Gandalf wannabes forevermore.

Ask top and experienced players for advice on these things.


I’d upgrade Boldtusk for sure. I’m not sure which I prefer between Gandalf (Melendor) and Little John, so I’ll be silent there… :smile:


Collen is the #1 hero I avoid. I would definitely use him. If he gets his fireball off and you can’t dispel it forget it. I have Boldtusk and wish I had him instead.


Yes, get Boldtusk after Colen. Boldtusk is easy to beat. Colen is nasty mean. Melendor is a real lifesaver with his healing enemy buff removal. On the other hand Little John’s special is pretty darn awesome. Only problem is that he is too easy to kill. That’s my experience from using Colen, Little John, and Melendor on my raid team and facing all 4 of these characters defending against me.


Here’s my perspective. You have 2 healers and 2 attackers (I’m not exactly sure of LJs attack other than the mana reduction). BT is DEFINITELY a better hero than Mele for the simple fact that he can tank. That being the case, that leaves you with the 2 attackers. If you stick with BT, it’s a no brainer to go w/ LJ. One red/one green. On the flip side, if you like Colen’s attack so much, go w/ Mele in the green. Me personally I’d go w/ BT and LJ.


BT over Mel any day. He is just so much more versatile since he tanks but also buffs damage. I have both Colen and BT maxed and Colen is never leaving the bench. I bring BT over Colen against titan since he adds survivability and the extra damage is more valuable than what slow Colen does to a single target.

With tib lowering defence and bold buffing damage you have a good combo.

the green one is difficult since I don’t like slow heroes much. I see you also have skittles. I haven’t played with skittles or LJ. In the end I would chose LJ. His special has similarities to Li which is the top 4star defensive hero imo.

Also: don’t eat Brianne. Try leveling her and try her out against titans. As long as the titans you are facing doesn’t one shot her, her special stacks with bold and banners and can be a nice boost instead of bringing LJ/Skitles/Mel to a titan game.

Lastly: don’t afraid to bring several heroes of the same colour to a titan game when to colours match the sensitivity of the titan.


@Evan. Agree w/ you on the color matching. As much as possible I pull the weak color out and add an extra of the strong color. You aren’t losing that much w/ the troop hits, but you are doubling up the mana gain on your strong heroes.