Which 4*s could be upgraded from zero to hero with a mini elemental debuff?


This would help everyone and not cannibalize the 5*s

Would be a nice gesture - particularly given Pather/Arthur’s odds were reduced; Evelyn is a myth, and Blue … well blue is weird.

Falcon - Red
Jackal - yellow

18 to 21% max

Green — ?
Blue - ?
Purple - ?

No other changes to the hero, attainable And must be a 4*

Complete the set :slight_smile:

A 4* green elemental debuffer will be released in Valhalla. Hopefully the devs will also create 4* purple and blue elemental debuffers.

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For dark/purple my vote would be Tiburtus. The poor guy is forever stuck in Averageland. Maybe give him a little pop for his popper

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I nominate Agwe for Blue.

Poor guy Has been an intern fluffer for years now…


Would you replace Agwe’s green defense buff? Or would he have both effects?

Triton’s special is also pretty worthless, I wouldn’t mind replacing it with this.

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Not sure — but Triton plus Kiril can be fun :slight_smile:

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I’m gonna go with the 4* counterattackers for blue and purple… leave the counterattack and add an elemental D drop. Would make they more worthy of maxing imo.

Blue - boril
Purple - Cyprian

Green is a bit tougher… maybe Melendor. Debuff but also add elemental drop. :thinking: still makes his costume different enough.

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