Which 4* Red to Limit Break

Sure. But take a look at the top epic event teams:
They’re almost all: Wilbur falcon costume colen sir lance and then either franz or cillian.

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I mean this is my current team

Been running it a while now as for some reason I’ve never been lucky enough to get Cillian.

Franz is not ideal in a reflect green event…

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I’ve seen a few replace colen with Sun Shangxiang

Thanks, and what path did you choose with Sir Lancelot at level 19 - 2% mana or 2% crit? :slight_smile:

Also did you make costume Colen full attack path? :slight_smile:

I had to check…critical apparently :man_shrugging:

C.Colen is all Attack, all day of the week. His job is to smash.

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Huh. I have all those heros should probs level and emblem them.