Which 4* Red to Limit Break

Of course :joy:

But yeah, save them for something else. You won’t use his base version

Would it be more efficient to have 2 Scarlett’s instead of colen/Scarlett?

No. Costume Colen does 240% to all. Scarlett is 215% and minor damage. Her attack stat might make her better for hitting one (I haven’t done the math), but not all.

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Good observation. I have 2 Colens at 3/60 and he is useless at that level. I have the mats, but he has never been a real threat to me in raids or war.

Scarlett or Boldtusk are your best calls IMO. Both are extremely versatile and useful in almost all scenarios. Even later in the game you won’t regret limit breaking Scarlett since she will continue to be extremely useful in challenge Epic events.

Edit: I broke my two Scarletts with costume bonus, no regrets there.


I think the theme that is consistent is that you should LB the heroes that you use often in the event types that you want to improve on.

Personally, I use an average of 2 healers per war team and I am all about improving my war performance as well as daily raid performance. To this end, my C BT is getting LB as it will help his survivability which is key to my chances of winning raids


I decided to limit break Boldtusk, the reason being that I’m pretty sure I will use him forever, and higher stats will keep him alive (not that he particularly fragile or anything…)

Emblemed all on defense for Fighter (which turns to health on Monk)


can you share stats of LB c. colen??

Thanks for the great info. I thought it would be around usage of mana gain :slight_smile:

My Colen looking great


My choices, very satisfied :slight_smile:

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I like that attk on Scarlett. It is tempting, but she is a rogue…blargh.

Lol, way too many rogues in my roster. May have to do some swapping, very nice though.

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Yes, the attack stat is awesome, but the defence still leaves her a one hit target imo. There are better candidates.

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