Which 4* Red to Limit Break

My dilemma is which 4* red to limit break. The choices: Boldtusk (c)-20, Wilber -20, Sir Lancelot -20. I honestly don’t know which way to go with this. I probably use them each equally.

Also, which hero in your army would limit break?

Boldtusk will have the best longevity IMO. Wilbur is a close second. Lance isn’t even worth mentioning.


Well Lance is a massively important part of event running. But he doesn’t need anything more than +20 emblems.

Boldtusk over Wilbur would be my choice but honestly not sure either need it.

I’d do Scarlett or C.Colen if you had them

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I never understood the Lance hype for events… Can you help?

He got nice attack and AD buff for 3, which Boldtusk can give to all and Scarlett goes one speed faster with similar or better AD and dmges 3. And both of those heroes get costumes on top…

Is mana reg buff that imporntant? Maybe in combination with cyclones?

Ok so here is my Epic event team and I finish top 500 every event it’s allowed in (ie anything but reflect red)

The function of Lance is to boost the attack of C.Colen and Scarlett. When you get to the boss stage you fire Wilbur, Falcon, Lance, Scarlet and then C.Colen. Then you mana pot C.Colen to smash them to bits and the mana gain from Lance means he fully charges with a mana pot and a mini mana. So you can fire him like a machine gun.

Lance is actually a super key component of that team. Without him it doesn’t work.

That said he doesn’t need to be limit broken. C.Colen gets mine because it makes him even more beast mode and able to smash through even easier


Right, but Boldtusk would do the same attack boost as Lance, but for all. Is the mana boost the difference maker or the small hit he does?

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The mana boost is everything. Attack boost is just a bonus cherry on top.


For Legendary Khagan does the same job.

It’s all about minimising the mana pots needed. Event running eats resources, you have to try and be as efficient as possible


As I stated in the OP, I get a lot of use out of Lance. And, Yes, it’s all about the mana boost. I do also have Colen (c), but maybe haven’t been using him right. Should I consider breaking him? I guess I’m leaning BT(c).

I went with Scarlett and she breaks the 1k mark, sitting nicely at 1005 attack


I can only give you my experiences. I don’t know what level you punch at so don’t mean to teach anyone to suck eggs.

C.Colen is probably hands down the single most powerful 4* Red in the game. His hit all is devastating and with the 5% boost from his costume you can easily get him to 6 tiles in Rush and mana pot him in events. Look at any of the Top 100 event teams and there he is. There’s a big reason for it, he hits like a truck.

For me a limit breaker should go onto an offence hero to increase the power of the hit they do. Boldtusk +20 and Wilbur +20 are more than good enough for what they do. Limit breaking them won’t make a huge difference.

But adding another 60 attack to C.Colen is powerful, so he gets it (and has, I already spent my aethers on that)

I use C.Colen in my 3-2 Rush war team with Falcon and Khagan. 6 tiles and they will wipe most of a team out on there own.


That’s also a solid choice for Titans. Her attack stat is frightening for a 4*

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@Cheds or anyone else, given that this is the best red team I can put together (discounting Elena as I’m not good at keeping heroes alive and Azlar and Elenas sisters who are destined for HA10, starting in about a months time; currently less than a day to reach HA9, then presumably 2 weeks to make HA 10 plus another 2 weeks of research I’m guessing). I don’t emblem 3 stars. Simply limit breaking BT is worth one attack, one defence and one health node on the talent grid and I am pretty short on fighter emblems… What would you suggest? Scarlett I keep as a sacrifice and for tile damage.

Honestly I’d do Scarlett from that list. She’s there to add tile damage (and will occasionally fire and be annoying :joy:) but she’s going to benefit by getting even more attack percentage wise than any of the others. You have the Red-def down and the def down covered and neither Gormek or Falcon are going to get a huge boost from LB compared to Scarletts attack boost (and a little more def and health…may keep her in the fight on occasion???)

If you are lucky and grab Scarletts costume that only gets even better too.


Cheds, you’ve convinced me. I really appreciate all your thoughtful input. I’m gonna bring Colen up to 20 and break him. Once I figure out a substitute for Falcon, I will use your strategy and maybe start competing for higher event scores. Thanks.

C.Colen only needs to go to +16 really. Save the Paladin emblems for something else :slightly_smiling_face:

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My C.Colen for reference. Nothing after 16 excites me (ie no more attack) so waste of blems.

agreed, i’m going to break Scarlett for the added attack and I took her to +20 for the crit boost since i usually put my crit troop on her. crit troop helps with her defense as well. and with costume, she’s super. i raid with her in diamond pretty much every day, usually when there are Tellys and Heimdalls to deal with. her tile damage is through the roof.

next for aethers would be Boldtusk, and get him to +15 for the revive chance.

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Colen may also be a decent choice. He’s seen alot of use since his costume got released

Fighter emblems for Colen. But I see your point.


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