Which 4* Purple compliments this team?


I got lucky and landed Obakan pretty early and have him at 3/60 while I wait for 3 more Royal Tabards, which I will hopefully see at some point. While doing that, I have neglected maxing out a 4* purple hero. For the December and January events, I wasn’t strong enough to finish the Intermediate level anyway, so I didn’t worry about it, and the February had purple reflect, so I didn’t need anyone. I am looking toward the next event and I also want a good second Purple for Titans anyway. So…who fits with the 4* team I have:

Yellow: WuKong, HuTao
Green: Caedmon, Skittleskull
Red: Boldtusk, Kelile
Blue: Grimm, Kiril
Purple: ???

My first choice in each color are all in the 4th ascension and on their way to being maxed, and I also have HuTao there. I have Sabina at 3/60, and I have Tiburtus but I haven’t touched him yet. I have 11 trap tools (saving 4 for Obakan), so I can ascend Sabina right now and still have enough for another one soon. I also don’t mind buying some gems for a 10 pull next time purple is up in the elemental summon. I like Sabina, but I already have a couple of healing options, and Caedmon is a staple for the debuffing. I could hold out for Rigard, but it’s still more healing. I would use Cyprian if I could get him, but that Riposte is mostly a raiding bonus, which is my least favorite part of the game. I am more focused on Titans, rare quests, and monthly events. Tiburtus obviously makes sense since I already have him, but then I’m doubling the Pulverizer (I’m not sure that’s a bad idea).

So…am I missing anything or should I go ahead with Tiburtus? My other 4*s (in case I’m overlooking some great strategy) are LiXiu, Sonya, Little John, Melendor, Kashhrek, Lencelot, Colen, an Scarlet, but all of them are still at very low levels.



Both are good but do both. don’t bother saving tools for Oba. by th le time you get three more tabards you will get ~9 more trap tools.


Yes, with Sabina close behind.

Tibertus is a purple Grimm, though a bit tankier with lower attack. Still, the defense debuff is very valuable. In raiding, you can aim one left, one right. Against titans, you may leave one on the bench depending on color, or double Tibertus with Obakan (or triple with Sabina) against yellow titans.

As @Dante2377 notes, it will likely take a good long while to get those three extra tabards. General experience is that trap tools are about three times more common than tabards, hence the 9 trap tools.


The purple you might be waiting for is Sartana.

Tiburtus is exchangeable with Grimm (same special); might be handy to be able to switch one out for the other.

Sabina has higher per-tile damage than Rigard. Hmm…


Well, if you’re talking 5* purple, I’d be looking for Guardian Panther next month. But the OP wants a card for playing intermediate level in the events.


Tabards and trap tools is exactly the “normal” items for me (i don’t get many, but not even few).

By the time i get 10 tabards i get 32 trap tools, so the 1-3 or 3-9 ratio makes totally sense.


For yellow, red, blue titans having both Grimm and Tibs means you can keep defensive debuff up longer, nearly the whole fight. That’s a lot of extra damage. And having tibs means you can have defensive debuff on Green titans without having a hero weak vs green.

Something like

Yellow titan: Tibs, Sabina, Grimm, BT, wu
Red titan: BT, Grimm, Kiril, Tibs, Wu
Blue titan: CAed Skittle, Tibs Wu, BT/kiril

Also Tibs gives you another nice attacker for raiding as you’ve only got 3 fast/average hitters.

Please don’t waste ascension materials on Cyprian until Tibs and Sabina are max and you have enough factoring in oba as well. He can be situation-ally (sp?) useful, but you have enough top tier 4 stars to not need riposte really.


Okay - Tiburtus it is! Thanks for all the valuable info. After working on HuTao and not WuKong before I was on this message board, I’m always afraid of wasting a couple weeks on the wrong hero.