Which 4* need a 5* version?

There’s some really good 4* out there that remain unique in what they deliver. Which ones would you love to see a 5* version of?

I’d like to see a 5* G. Jackal and G.Falcon for obvious reasons.

A 5* Wilbur would be nice, so would a 5* Sumitomo if you consider it.

Obviously I want a 5* Gullinbursti and Kiril.

Whats missing?

C Melendor, LJ, Sumle, Jott (something more attack focused than the Rat), Brynhild, Ameonna (obviously with some additional improved aspects),

On the flip side, I would love to see a 4* Panther…


On top of G.Jackal, G.Falcon, Wilbur and Gullinbursti, here are the epic and rare heroes I want to see their legendary versions:


• Hansel & Gretel (not Merlin’s skills like Mindless Attack, not average mana like Zocc)
• Sumle (hopefully with better stats, faster mana, reduced miss, and other added skills)
• Mist (hopefully with better stats and other added skills)
• Brynhild (hopefully with better stats and other added skills)
• Cheshire Cat (hopefully with better stats and other added skills)
• Gadeirus (hopefully with better stats, fast mana and other added skills)


• Bjorn (hopefully with better stats, faster mana and other added skills)
• Melia (hopefully with better stats, faster mana and other added skills)

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I did a whole bit about there needing to be a series of 4* HOTM that had a unique buff for attack/defense which scaled inversely with hero score. So it basically benefited unemblemed 4* by 10% more to those stats than a 850+ score 5*.

I had a 4* red Miki, a 4* blue Alby, I think a 4* yellow or purple Athena, the other one was GM. Green got something lamer, can’t remember what.

Edit: a 5* Brynhild might be a bit much, unless they keep it hero and nearby. But realistically I’d do a 5* Brynhild that healed itself and the lowest HP member of attack/defense and it might make a really smart tank.

I like the cut of your bit

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“Nobody is going to spend on a 4* HOTM”

If you made that unique buff link on there they would be absolute gifts on some war teams, challenge events, raid tournaments, ninja towers (probably), and who knows what other content.

I would want a 4* HOTM as long as the skill was useful, and the drop was better than for a 5* HOTM…

Why not add this heroes to training camps or HA? They are 4* after all.

@no1808 Some, if not most, of the heroes mentioned in this thread are event heroes or those not considered as classical heroes. They are only available on their respective portals.

Someone like Brienne (3*) who gives an attack boost to the whole team.

Also Agnes (yellow 3) has quite a cool skill.

More healers generally - the only ‘classic’ healer is Vivica, others are special- Atlantis or HOTM.

I know. I thought that new heroes, similar to the ones mentioned in this thread, should be added to TC or HA.

Ahhh, Brienne, yes. No legendary hero yet has made with similar skills, increasing the attack buff everytime they are hit.

No bypass legendary yet, I agree. But there are new and upcoming ninja epic troops with bypass.

But the premise of this thread is for epic heroes needing its 5* version. Vivica is already a legendary hero. And there are several 4 star healers that may already have a legendary counterpart, i.e. Rigard and/or Sabina to Kunchen (but Kunchen is slow and only cleanses not dispels), Lady Woolerton to Delilah and/or Vivica (although no legendary healer at fast mana yet), Kiril to Ariel and/or Raffaele (although the 5* heroes lack the attack and defense buffing abilities of Kiril), etc.

Guardian Panther? Dark Knight?

Nope. She is an elemental defense debuffer, a purple mirror to Evelyn absent the Element Link, and almost the same with Frida, Guardian Falcon and Nordri as they hit 3 all at average mana.

Black Knight. Yes. So, the legendary version of Brienne is out !! :crazy_face:

My bad. I confused her with Khiona.

You are right ! Khiona has a faux Brienne-type skill but only to herself and nearby.

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