Which 4* heroes to replace?

I never found a 5* hero, even if I did 22 Atlantis summon plus seasonal, elemental etc.
My current team is Long John, Boldtusk, Boril, Rigard, Wu Kong. All are 4.70 with emblems, except Boril that cannot receive emblems because it is the same class as Rigard.
I received in this Atlantis: 2xTriton, Proteus, 2xAgwe, 2xGadeirus.
Which ones would you grow, so that they can enter main team?
I tend to exclude Agwe because it is same class as both Boril and Rigard.
Could Triton replace Boril? Pro: it could use emblems while Boril can’t, Con: Boril is the one dealing most of team damage in my current team
Could Gadeirus replace Long John?
Could Proteus replace Rigard?

It’s your main defense team, but in offense you really need Triton and proteus. Proteus is one of the best 4 star in game. Level him immidietly :+1:

For your defense team I would replace Boril with Triton. You need a sniper plus his special increases the healing from Boldtusk and Rigard. I would also make Proteus a priority. He makes challenge events and level bosses so much easier. I’ve used him on teams didnt even have maxed 4*s and finished all levels Sand Empire and Grim Forrest with the final bosses hardly firing their specials.

Proteus is great fun to play with and improve how you think tactically on offense. One of those great fun heros.

Since war and special missions requires different combinations never mind emblem missions I believe triton and gadeirus could be worth investing in.

Agwe role is still minimal in my opinion.

Proteus before anything else in the game. 100%. Then, and only then, unless you get something better until then, Triton.

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Proteus is gamechanger. Must level him. And Triton is very usefull. You have not enough power in your defensive team. Wu and Boril are easy to dispel.

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