Which 4* Heroes to Ascend? Pick 10 Heroes

Hi guys, so I had my three 4* roster for a while and been deepening my bench. Would like your help to build my 4th and 5th team.

Would like to ask which of these 4* heroes to fully ascend (I currently have two sets of ascension materials each color):

  • Purple - Sabina, Fura, Cyprian, Stonecleave
  • Yellow - Guardian Jackal, Chao, Liu Xiu, Hu Tao
  • Blue - Capt of Diamonds, Mireweave, Jott, Boril
  • Green - Kashhrek, Little John, Gadeirus, Gobbler
  • Red - Scarlett, Kelile, Sumle, Colen

Since leveling takes time, I’d like to know which heroes to prioritize for Team 4 and Team 5. So order is also important.


  • Team 4: Sabina, Guardian Jackal, Capt of Diamonds, Kashhrek, Scarlett
  • Team 5: Fura, Chao, Mireweave, Little John, Kelile

Current priority for my next 2 rosters:

  • Wars and events needing a deep bench
  • Stacking on titans and events
  • To conserve resources as an F2P player

Appreciate your thoughts. Thanks!

One thing for sure - leave Cyprian and Hu Tao alone. Cyprian is “eeeeehhhh… okaaay” if you don’t have any other purples, but with your bench I wouldn’t touch him. Same with Hu Tao. They’re just not worth the mats.
Gobbler and C.of Diamonds are niche and not universal, so I’d hold them off too.

Sabina, Jackal and Scarlett are really good 4*, so I’d focus on them. Little John is also really good but a bit squishy and slow mana. He shines during Very Fast raid tournaments or wars.

Also, depending on your alliance’s war strategy, all the unmaxed heroes can be used to mono stack & finish off “leftovers” like teams with 2 half dead heroes.


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