Which 4* heroes are your favourites? One from Events, one from S1 and one from S2

Hello, which 4* heroes are your favourites?

Wilbur and Wu kong are must haves because of the titans , so they are excluded.

Tell me 3 other heroes, Please.

One Event hero
One S1 hero
One S2 hero

My favourites are:

  • Hansel (Event) He KILLS Bosses easily with his Specials

  • Rigard (S1) Because of gravemaker. He cleans my heroes

  • Triton (S2) he is a fast hitter and helps during Healing
    AND WHY Not Proteus? Because of, he doesnt do direct damage.

Which are your favourites? Tell me Yours.


Event: Hansel (I WANT HIM!)
S1: Wu
S2: Still undecided :wink:

■■■■ i forgot to exclude wu too, because he is a must have against titans :wink:

  1. Merlin
    2.More favorites but Tiburtus/Grimm the most like
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Are Boldtusk and Grimm also excluded? They’re also must-have for me! Lol

Only wilbur and Wu kong are excluded.

Please, tell me only one hero from each Category. Its hard, i know :slight_smile:

Event : Guardian Jackal
S1 : Tiburtus
S2 : Triton

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@JMarcus nice choices

Event : hansel ( never droped an event hero haha )

S1 : Grimm

S2 : Triton

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Merlin: cool facial hair
Kashhrek: his look gives me a feeling of satisfaction
Triton: for a spear & shield balanced build


Hansel - awesome in raids
Kiril - attack buff + defence buff + healing.
Poor mans Hel :smile: i mean Proteus :smile:


So happy to see Merlin getting some Love!
He will be my first fully ascended 4* he deserves those fine gloves :slight_smile:

Yes he is my favorite, high entertainment and stress value.
My S1 favorite is Merlins bodygaurd Kashrek, that little lizard protects and heals the delicate Wizard.
I don’t have any 4* from S2, only 3* and I ignore them all.

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S1: Wu/Grimm/Hansel

S2: Wilbur/Proteus/Ameonna

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Event: Merlin (because he’s great fun)
S1: Grimm (because he’s a great hero)
S2: Triton (a tad boring, but he gets the job done)

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@airhawk: can you explain Why Proteus and Why ameonna?

Proteus do Not make direct damage, is he still Good? And ameonna, i dont know. Thank you for Voting.

you don’t need a hero to make direct damage to be good. That is why you have 5 on a team. They all have their place and maybe not the same place in yours. (I am actually debating between Proteus and Ameonna to go next in purple now.) Ameonna looks like she could be some fun.

For me I would say

Merlin (he is fun)
Rigard (he saves my ■■■)
I am undecided for season 2 as I only have Wilbur leveled.

  1. Merlin
  2. Wu kong
  3. None

Event: Merlin
S1: Grimm
S2: Proteus

Proteus basically shuts down heroes from using their special and Ameonna becomes a ghost. High tile and fast mana. If the board is in her favor, she will basically be near invincible. Great for titans as well if you ask me.

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Merlin, Boldtusk, Proteus.

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