Which 4* Hero Prefers You?

I seem to have one 4*+ hero that fancies me significantly more than anyone else. I am a C2P player, just as a side-note. Overall, I’ve received 3 Skittleskull’s, 3 Gormek’s, and many doubles. However, I’ve also received 6 Sonya’s! At one point, I had 4 Sonya’s before I had ANY other 4*+ blue hero!

Something similar has happened with my TC20 pulls. I have done a total of 51 pulls so far, and I’ve gotten 6x Azar and 5x Ulmer.

I understand what the ‘R’ in rng stands for, but was just curious what other people were seeing. :slight_smile:


Talking about 4*: Sonya (3x) and Grim (4x) seem to like me.
5*: Joon (2x).
And 3* well, no matter which name you pick, all of them hunt me in my dreams after dozens of pulls in vain, hoping for a 5* but ending up getting Tyrum, Oberon, Tyrum, and Oberon again… irgh.

Thorne for me. I have 4 of them.

Also 5 Aegirs somehow.

4* - LiXiu
5* - Justice…Ive eaten 5 and have 3 more on my bench. I still don’t have Viv.

Skittle and I have such a special bond…

Must’ve pulled him at least 10-15 times so far - for 3* I really do not bother to count, although Prisca and Gunnar ship me much…

3 Scarlett, 3 Kiril
2 Khagans

Wu Kong.

I have gotten at LEAST 10 of him in the past month.

That may be an underestimation, but I got 8 of him in 7 ten-pulls, 1 of him when I used my epic token (with his buddy Evelyn) and then I got another 3-4 of him through singles.

EDIT Also love pulling Merlin during Avalon for some reason. Gotten no fewer than 20 of him over the 3 times Avalon has been active this year.

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Im crying when I see this. I got my Wu after 8,5 months playing and I have only one


I have 11 x Kirils (he also was my first 4* hero), no Rigard yet, no Chao yet, (and I even have 18 x 5*). Also WuKong came to me relatively recently, even after I maxed Tarlak.

So probaby beer is what is coming to me more than anything else. :wink:

I’ve received 9 Caedmons. I think I’ve held onto about 5 of them.

4* - kelile, must have gotten her I think about 6 or 7 times now?

3* - Valen. Valen valen valen. I stopped counting after the 20th time and that was quite a while back…

Wu Kong. I’ve probably gotten 15 of him. Only kept one. When I first started playing and I was always raiding against bane I was like “man blindness is pretty good” so when I first got Wu kong I didn’t think +185% attack was worth blinding myself. I fed him away 6 or 7 times before I found out he’s amazing on titans and in challenge events. Got him on my next ten pull lol

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I’ve found 6 or 7 Grimm and about the same number of Wukong. I’ve found a handful of Rigard, which is actually cool because Rigard is legit the only champ I might actually level more than 1.

I’ve had 4 Elena. Fed one of them and still have 3

I am the slow hero king.





Remember before feeding away your duplicates to consider rocking out at the battle of the bands


4 star RIGARD… Saved me a lot of times……
5 star For now Alassie ( maxed) the other ones I have i have a favor for Lianne

Chao - I’ve got 2 currently, have fed away 5 others.

Jahangir seems so obsessed with me.

But it we’re not counting 3* heroes then Hu Tao.
Go away Hu Tao. I’ve got Gretel, Wu, and Chao to feed, Im not feeding your mouth aswell

Same here, even the big very slow owl came my way lol