Which 3* to emblem

Is there any since to emblem 3* and if so who do you choose.
Gunnar, Ulmer, Azar, Bathazor, Melina, Bergen, belith, nashgar, Verden, thrum, bane and gan jj. I have jahangr 3/8 hawk moon 1/11 mnessus 1/7 and Brienne 1/1. I cannot seem to stay in Gold cups and wondering if emblems would help, I do have a 4* team Melendor4/70+1, Chao 4/70+1, Boldtusk 4/70+1, Grimm 4/66 & Rigard 4/22

Some emblems would help, i personally restrict them to five levels for my most used 3*'s heroes.
Gunnar as a tank is good, Balthazar,Nashgar,Bane,Belith would be my go to team.
Your 4 stars team is very good, just finish Grimm, Rigard.
Maybe put your emblems on the 4*'s instead, it would be a better use of them, i believe.
Dont forget troops help a lot on 3’s and 4’s.
More experienced players will probably ask for your full roster and give great advices on who to use, where, level next etc.
What team did put on defense?
Hope everyone will be able to help you more.
Have fun.


I did emblem 3*s myself, only the ones I use regularly on 3* raid tournaments and the rare challenge events. All they got were 5 nodes max, exceptions being Gunnar+20 and Gill-Ra+16, to tank in raid tournaments.

Your current 4* team is very heal heavy but I’d order them like so:
Melendor | Grimm | Boldtusk | Chao | Rigard

With more levels on Grimm and Rigard you should have less issues staying in Gold raiding tier. If you get Li Xiu, replace Chao with her. If you get Caedmon, then replace Melendor with him. Those two trainable 4* heroes should help your defense team more if you get them


I have both li xiu and Caedmon as well as Hansel and wu Kong plus others


Emblems on 3* will cost you emblems and gems when you recover them, reset tokens are too rare to use on 3* heroes. It will also worsen your raid tournament results generally, costing more emblems and other things. Emblems on 3* won’t help your raid and war defense. For alliance war, it will broaden your offense, but this is only for bragging rights; alliance war matchmaking probably overweights roster depth, so it will decrease war victories/rewards very slightly.

Possibilities for something useful from the 3* emblems: raid offense, titans, class trials, rare quests. Gold raid chest is not exciting; what’s more important is filling them quickly to get at elemental chests. Just drop the cup; you want to hang out in low gold. For titans, it depends on the level you’re fighting. If emblems won’t make a difference on whether your 3* dies to a slash attack, it’s a non-factor. Otherwise, you could consider giving emblems to select heroes where you want to increase their attack power, or special heroes like Brienne (and Melia) if it’ll make a survival difference. Class trials are more likely interesting where you’re at. I’d focus only on your weakest hero classes and only if the hero makes a difference in trials. Don’t take any 3* beyond 7 nodes, because the reward:cost ratio becomes terrible. I regret giving emblems to every 3* except Chochin whose mana slowing is useful in class trials and it was even on a titan team for a little while.

The main thing I believe is the rare quests that come around about every 10 days. Do what you must to win each one the next time you see it. But I doubt you have a problem there.

(On raid, I think you mean you can’t stay in platinum arena. Your choices on offense aren’t good enough, but this will be solved when you get your next rainbow 4* team leveled.)


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