Which 3 Stars to level for next month's contest?


So having eaten most of my 3* guys since my 4*'s surpassed them, I was left with almost none to use in the contest (and not enough fully loaded 5 stars or 4 stars for that matter for advanced), so I’d like to prepare for next month.

I’d like some advice on which to level. Here’s my host of 3 stars I’ve gathered/saved:

Blue: only Gunnar, that makes this choice easy

Red: Azar or Nashgar - both fast. Nashgar’s damage over time probably more helpful against scrubs, but Azar’s mana reduction probably more helpful against Bosses (it does work against bosses right?)

Yellow: Gan Ju or Dawa (yes, I accidentally ate my Bane as a newb) - both fast, Gan Ju is higher %, but Dawa will have higher base attack. Comes down to the mana reduction vs Boss, so I’ll probably level Gan Ju.

Green: Belith or Isstak - seems a no brainer I need at least 1 healer, so Belith

Purple - Balthazar and Tyrum. Both fast, is Tyrum’s buff removal worth it in a contest vs Balthazar’s higher damage? Probably not.

At this point I’d probably take:
Gan Ju

but I’m open to other opinions…


Not a bad choice how’s it working out for you


There’s another possibility: you can make more 3* heroes if you have a lvl 12 Training Camp (and you can lvl one while stockpiling heroes, if necessary).

This might give you more options to choose from. :slightly_smiling_face:


i am doing that now but all my camps were only level 5 or so, so it took awhile to level it up. Though the ones i’ve got i feel are pretty good (healer/debuffer, 2 fast mana reducers good for bosses, balthazor high damage). wouldn’t mind replacing gunnar but we will see what i get


The colors of enemies in next event might be different…


Make sure you have at least two of each color, dark especially since you know they won’t be the color to reflect. Who you have will be up to the mercy of the system and your team. I have two level 13 camps so I just continue to get 3*'s from them and choose which to keep.


Yes, it will be awhile before I have multiple TC13 (I have one now and 2 others at like 4 and 5). Since my primary attack team is stuck waiting for ascension items, I’ve been strictly leveling the 3 stars. I have one full team almost at final ascension.


Thankfully I have OCD and love to collect so have 23 3* I’ve never deleted. I keep one of each. That being said, I don’t see any combination successfully beating the level 10 beginner bosses without multiple restarts. I barely scratched them after depleting all potions/arrows with multiple variations of fully ascended 3*


A buffer, a healer, a tank, and snipers.


I am working to level belith, Gunnar, nashgar and have a max bane and Balthazar ready to go…I also have my TC13 runner no nonstop so I will get more 3* from that to play around with. Also working on leveling up 2* troops to…


I need to level different 3* than I have been…


I’m collecting all of them.


It’s hard to recommend past generic types without knowing what color will reflect. We know it’s highly unlikely to be dark so Balthazar is probably a good one (I don’t have him but will be leveling Prisca). I’m trying to get two of each color to hedge bets.


2 of each colour, making sure I have healers in different colours so I can switch out. Tyrum and Belith for the debuff. If the new bosses are anything like the Pirates…


I wanna Ulmer, but my training camp give me only Gan Ju. Really, 3 of them.

Never thinking until this moment that panda extinction was a good thing.


I’m thinking similar. I have Vane & Ulmer in blue, Bane and Gan Ju in Yellow, Hawkmoon in red, Friar Tuck, Belith, Brienne in green. Working Prisca in purple, then either Tyrum or Nashgar, then Kialani or Gunner last.

I have to squeeze in Scarlett as well at some point since I don’t have enough 4 and 5* people to fill out teams for intermediate and advanced. This is going to take a lot of time and meat…


Need more fodder heroes! :sob:


Hi All,
Per the below post, with the next Challenge Event this month being “Pirates of Corellia”, can you guys please suggest what would we be the best 3* hero line up for the Beginners tier. Any other thoughts are welcome too. Thanks.


I know Belith and Gunnar will be on my team, maybe Nashgar, Balthezar, and…Bane? At least for part of the trip. Will have to swap him out on the last leg.


Surely holy heroes if you have them, better offensive skills.
Then Fire and Ice.