Which 3* red do I work on levelling


This is more for events than normal battling. I have Azlar waiting for 1 set of rings to ascend and have Hawkmoon fully leveled . I now have received Jahingar, Nashgar, and Azar so which of them do I keep and level?


Nash and azar for events

Turkish guy is a bit useless against the oponents in events



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Another Nashgar.
Highest attack value and fast mana.


Nashgar for sure - he can basically one hit KO the low level enemies in early beginner with his special.


I concur with Nashgar. He’s also got that burning strike that hits them every turn after the initial one, so you can finish off slightly stronger monsters you don’t one shot kill. I’ve got him and Hawkmoon ready for the next monthly event with mostly green.


Hawkmoon > Nashgar > Jahangir > Azar. Healing is underrated for challenge events, and the only other 3* healer is Belith, but you always want to run Brienne as your green during events.


This or… double green hero, in camelot event for sure. If only hawkmoon could do something other (like Belith) she could be more appreciated.


You say you’re waiting for one more ring for Azlar—you have 5 now? And how many hidden blades? If you’ve got at least 4 hidden blades, I’d move Azlar up to 3/70now instead of futzing around with 3*, unless you’re building just for the challenge events.


Yes Hawkmoon’s effect isn’t the best, but she has a high attack stat and there aren’t many level where you want to run double green.


Just chiming in with a rank list for you:

  1. Nashgar
  2. Hawkmoon
  3. Azar
  4. Jahangir
    For me, Nashgar and Hawkmoon are pretty much equally rated. If you need a 3* healer, then recite the Wind Prayer, my friend.


Nashgar carried me to completion in the beginner event and I don’t even have a healer.