Which 3* dark hero is best to keep?

I’d say Balthazar from the season 1 and Bjorn from the season 3.

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Of the ones I have which would you feed??

Sorry, I thought you were asking about the best dark 3* heroes.

Personally, I don’t like any of them, but I had to choose, I’d max Renfeld. In case you got the costume, Renfeld’s costume is more interesting than Prisca’s one.


Thank you so much!!i don’t like either of them much but until I find a 4* they’ll have to do :stuck_out_tongue:

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Personally I would go:
Renfeld > Oberon > Prisca

Also, be sure to do your other 3* before doing 4* and 5*. They use a lot more resources and will take you forever to do. Belith is fantastic so is Ulmer. And if you have emblems to add to them too, even better


Is kinda helpful for 3*s,
As is enphero.com

Thanks for the reply! Do you think Layla is worth saving?

Depending how many heroes you have. If you have enough 3* to use in tournaments and quests then yes. Ideally good to have 5 of each colour. But if this is all heroes you have got I would wait

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