Which 3/70 to feed in Soul exchange?

Hello! I have managed to collect 19 unleveled 5* heroes. So, I wanted to see which one is most expendable of these that are at 3/70. I appreciate your help.

  • Ranvir
  • Fenrir
  • Yang Mai
  • Russel
  • Iris
  • Costumed Khagan
  • Costumed Horghall

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Which one do you not have:

  1. Enough 4AM ?

  2. If you have enough 4Am for all, what about emblems?

  3. If (1) and (2), is not an issue, which one can you without the most ?

Ranvir is for titans. Do you have anyone else ?

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Feed of Horghall,
You will keep the costume in case TC20 or a portal give you another one. He is meh and replaceable…
Khagan is very usable in challenge events.

Happy gaming


Feed Horghall.

I’m not sure why Khagan got so much hate for the longest time. Only recently have I read positive comments about him on here, but I maxed and LB Khagan and costume a long time ago. He may be slow, but he gives a mana boost, so after he fires the first time, he is even better!

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Horghall is the best option from above.


I use Gazelle for titans, I have 4 darts and I seriously doubt I will ever max Ranvir coz druid amblems are in all time low. I have 5 maxed druid 5*. Plus Gulin and Kvasir.

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I think Yang Mai. She is totally useless everywhere.

cHorghall is not-that-bad. -54% attack is huge. Definitely good for rush at least.

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It’s going to boil down to who you aleady have in your roster, what special sill you need most and the availability of both your mats and your emblems.
I hate feeding away costumed heroes personally……
But from your list, if you must, then C.Horghall… I have had him for such a long time and he still sits at 1/1 waiting patiently for something to make him better. Unfortunately all the new heroes being released, buffed and new costumes make S1 heroes pale in comparison

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That’s an option then for you. Even when it’s a rare yellow, you can’t use Ranvir anyway.

I voted For Hoggie. Keep the costume. Ditch the hero. You may end up getting him again from TC20, HA10 or summon portals.


I would say wait and look what is featured in the 20 section and the lower ones. Maybe you need one of the lower ones more urgent. Or you don’t need anyone, than I would probably wait. If you struggle to get 20 heroes it’s reasonable to assume you will even have more problems next time.
So maybe wait if nothing comes around for you this time.

If you decide you want one from the 20 hero tier I would probably choose one of the S1 heroes. Not because they are worse, but because you can get them relative easy again.

For example ranvir if you have Gazelle, fenrir or even Russell are mediocre at best, khagan is definitely better than those and even horgall c is surprisingly decent.

But if you use ranvir you will probably never see him again if you need him for whatever reason someday in the future, whereas horgall or khagan can be relative easy obtained from HA10. I mean you still need some luck, but chances are good that you will see the S1 hero again unlike those hotm or event ones.



Hes arguably worse than Wu Kong anyway, but that’s irrelevant anyway since you have gazelle.

Sure you won’t get him again, but you won’t want to.

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