Which 3* / 4*, even 5* Heroes are not worth keeping?

I’m looking to use the characters not worth keeping to feed the others.

Unfortunately this depends on what you already have! :smile:

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There must be general list of characters that just aren’t worth a … I’ve seen Vlad (who I don’t have) thrown around as one.

I think all 5*s are worth keeping. I doubt their XP gain while feeding overcomes the potential if you end up leveling them later.

There is no definitive list but personally and from top of my head
3*: Renfeld, Greymane, Dawa, Ishhtak. Friar Tuck, Oberon are not worth the feeders / time
4*: Gobbler, Agwe not worth mats.
5*: All of them have a purpose somehow, but many don’t deserve the mats. Don’t eat even the worst one, until we know more about Hero Academy.


Agree with your list. Although with the various tournament combinations you can find an occasional use for most! Ishtak for instance

The only one you listed that I have kept is Agwe but I’m not sure I have even used him


Ishhtak is seen a lot and so is Dawa. However, I do not use them. The self-healers like Renfield, tri-hitters like Dawa and Friar Tuck are all feeders to me.

Oberon is a must for rapid tournements. Vlad is horrible, but we are pushing for him to be fixed. As he is a seasonal hero, Id sit on him just in case we get it through SGs thick skull that he is broken.

Gobbler and Agwe are probably the worst 4s, but may be needed if you are F2P or C2P. I have every 4* in the game maxed except those 2, Boomer and Kash (who are just redundent).

I also agree that you should sit on all 5s unless you are just dropping hundereds a month and need space.

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Used Agwe in superfast 4star tournaments (at best with no green rule), he´s not bad for that imo. His green defense up makes no sense, but there are worse, at least he isn´t slow. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have never seen a good word published about MARGARET 5* Nature hero - while I only have her at 3/70 she still makes it into my war teams at the moment. However I rarely see any positive comment on her!

She has a very high attack stat that could be useful against titans. :woman_shrugging:

I’ll just say I don’t think any heroes are completely worthless. Are there 3* you wouldn’t bother keeping when you’re leveling 5*? Sure. But if you’re building war teams and your 6th 3* yellow is Dawa, I’d still keep her rather than level or use a 2*.

I have Agwe and Gobbler at 3/60. They’ll probably never get mats, but they’re great for stacking and both are useful in trials. Will I eventually eat them? Maybe, but doubt it. Restrictions in challenges, tournaments, and trials mean they’ll have some use for a long time.

It should go without saying, but don’t feed heroes you’ve invested heavily on already. Even bad ones. If they get buffs later on, it is easier to apply them when you already have the maxed hero.

Bad 3* heroes

The only 3*s that are absolutely not worth keeping are Renfeld, Greymane and Prisca.

These are average speed snipers with a self heal – for this rarity the amount of health recovered is too small, and there are much more damaging snipers at much faster speeds in this rarity. Also they heavily compete for emblems with other better choices in this rarity.

But those aside, it depends on your roster and your goals.

Target and Minor Damage to nearby

Karil, Dawa and Isshtak all have their places in Challenge Event teams for crowd control.

If you have Gato and Gunnar’s costume though, you don’t need Karil. Karil will soon be made irrelevant as well with the upcoming S3 hero Nordri – literally the exact same skill and class, but with better stats and an elemental defense debuff!

And with all that said – if you don’t care about CE placements, then you really don’t need any of these 3 heroes either.

Support / slow 3*s

Depending on your depth, these heroes can be helpful in class quests to push you ahead in the final stages. Don’t expect them to survive long though – emblems on them can help with that, but not by much.

One of these heroes is enough for most players needs – even for late war teams, leveling another one is not justifiable as you’ll very likely get a 4* later that does what they do and survives much longer.

Regarding 4* heroes

There will come a time when you won’t need to keep more 4* heroes. But all of them have some use – even the very niche Gobbler can be useful if your 4* depth is small.

If you notice these heroes have been in your roster for quite a while collecting dust, there is no harm in feeding them – but I always recommend seeking out advice before feeding a special event or S2 4* duplicate.

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I appreciate the input.

I still have Gobbler in my green mono team with Eve, as her elemental defense down pairs well with all greens.

I also have used Gobbler with Wilbur and with their family bonus, isn’t terrible. Many times, he was the last one standing in a raid that I won.

I also didnt have another 4* druid until I maxed Melandor recently, so I had Gobbler at +16…DONT JUDGE ME! lol

Except Mother North and Vivica I do not like slow mana heroes. Quintus and Horghall I already fed up with fast mana heroes.
Mother North is unique because of her resurrection feature, Vivica has great healing factor plus additional buff feature. Both are supported by troops having mana collection speed-up feature.

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