Which 2 heroes will you use in every class?


I’d like to know which 2 heroes you will be using in which classes. Which 2 because it’s gonna take a while :smiley: I’ll start

Barbarian: First GM 5* then Grimm
Cleric: already busy with Hansel, then Rigard
Druid: Started with Caedmon, will continue with Zim
Fighter: Starting Panther, then Magni i think
Monk: started with Wu, then Rana (or Santa). Edit: Wilbur!
Paladin: First arthur then probably Guardian Falcon
Ranger: first Evelyn then Alasie
Rogue: first guardian jackal then Marjana
Sorcerer: all at 1-1 :smiley: first i think Sabina then perhaps Quintus, but probably a new hero :smiley:
Wizzard: first Zeline then Sartana or the other way around :smiley:

What are your plans?

Scheme: Memento Heroes Classes and Quests


Barbarian: Grimm, then GM
Cleric: Rigard, then Boril
Druid: just Melendor
Fighter: Boldtusk, then Lancelot
Monk: Wu, then Wilbur
Paladin: Sonya, then Falcon
Ranger: Tibs, then Greg
Rogue: Jackal, then Scarlett
Sorcerer: just Sabina
Wizzard: Kiril, then Onatel


Barbarian: GM and Kage (when I get him)
Cleric: Kunchen and Hansel or Vivica
Druid: Alberich and Zim
Fighter: Delilah and Panther
Monk: Drake and Joon or Wilbur
Paladin: Arthur and Falcon
Rogue: Khiona and Marjana or Jackal
Ranger: Alasie and Evelyn
Sorcerer: Natalya and Mitsuko
Wizard: Sartana / Zeline (didn’t decide order yet)


I only have Barbarian, ranger, and cleric planned and they are Gravemaker, Lianna, and Hansel in that order. The rest are up in the air since all other heros are bounced around so much. I may work on sabina, boldtusk, and kiril though, since good 5* healers are seriously lacking.


By “use” do you mean “use in Trials” or “give emblems to”? Or something else?


This was what I understood :point_up_2: :man_shrugging:


How can you obtain a Damascus blade. I cannot accession my 5 players without it. I have played wars and titans. But can only go so far on challenges because I cannot beat it without upping my players. I have spent a fortune on this game. Getting bored not being able to progress.


Yes and 20 characters


Babs: Grimm then Azlar
Cleric: Wait until I get Rigard or Vivi
Druid: Ceadmon then Horgh or Melendor
Fighter: BT then wait
Monk: Wilbur when I finished leveling him, then Wu
Paladin: Sonya then wait for a new hero or until I can ascend Richard
Ranger: Lianna then Chao or Tiburtus(not leveled yet)
Rouge: propably Danzaburo when he’s full
Sorcerer: Wait until I get Ameonna, then wait until I get 4 more so i can run a 5xAmeonna team with 16% mana bonus + crit troops
Wizard: Sartana then maybe Kiril or wait


Would be fun, but identical heroes don’t add to family bonus. Each hero must be unique.


SG fix pls, game is literally unplayable now

Then maybe I’ll just spend emblems on Sabina or wait for mats for Quintus


Damascus blades are an Epic (4*) ascension material. They drop randomly from titan loots, wanted chests, elemental chests, and mystic visions. You can always earn one from Farholme Pass (one of the two variants, the other having a tome of tactics). There’s no magic—get As many chests as possible, hit the biggest titans you can, and never miss a Rare Quest.


And which 2 heroes will you use in every class?

Just the first 2 you want to level up in classes :smiley:


I do all of that and I have full 5* players I cannot get them higher. I cannot reach higher than 3800 for a team. So I can never get one. I play all of it and have not seen one damasicus blade. This game is beginning to be a waste of money.


I routinely beat the Rare Quests with a 3200-3400 team power team, and they can even be done with less than that. The team powers listed on Quests are a suggestion, not a requirement.


Join an ally!

I regularly get blades in titans and warboxes and also in raid boxes. NOt 10 a week, but 1 a month is better than 0


To come back to topic: Which 2 heroes will u use for the classes?