Which 2 Greens to max - Defence

My lineup is:
X, Alaisie, GM, X, Joon/Victor/Zim/Liana

The X represents the green heroes to be mentioned below.

Now I have Alberich, Tarlak, Evelyn, Mother North besides Liana all waiting to be maxed. But I have only the tunics for 2 of them to ascend to level 4. So my question is which 2 out of the 5 should i max first? It’s for raids mainly defence.

Only for defense MN and Alberich, but it doeant worth it for you now, ascend Alberich/MN and Evelyn, In future Tarlak

For raids I’d go Tarlak. His damage and healing boost are awesome. For defense I’d probably go MN.

Alby and MN are both resurrecting healers. Pick one. Alby doesn’t tank well. I suspect MN does.

Tarlak is great raiding and for titans, especially 10-12* titans where Wu gets one shot killed.

Evelyn does amazing things for blue titans, not so much other colors. She could do that at 3/70.

Both of them together with another green hitter would be awesome raiding.

Tarlak isn’t much on your defense team. Evelyn should do fairly well there.

Thanks for your inputs. I need to see the 7dd ranking of MN and Evelyn before making the decision. Do you have any idea when it will be out?

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