Where's this avatar from?

Have not seen this in shop yet for sure.

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Hah! You got here first :smiley:

Where is it from? I haven’t seen it either.

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Bump and @Petri
We need answers!

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One of they buy options maybe?

Looks photo shopped.

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It must be from the E&P/Tekken crossover


Now that would be an event worth paying for.

Devil Jin, Yoshimitsu…


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Almost everyone is certain that it has not been in the store. And it is not photoshopped.

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Alliance: killed by death
Go check it out yourself :wink:

LOOOOL, it’s really real xD I guess someone will be getting banned for tempering with the avatars, as this looks like custom made :smiley:

I would be jealous if it wasnt a ridiculous green bear :joy:

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Of course it’s real, I would not be pestering Petri because of some stupid photoshop :wink:

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Well, you might have been a troll, and you must admit how fake it looks like :joy:

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Oh, would’ve hoped I’ve behaved well enough to be not presumed a troll. Have to became a panda here also to be more regocnizable

A green bear, Kuma? Tekken crossover? Only one player who is able to get this specific avatar? I really want to know what is going on.

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That is actually one of our developers. :grin: He’s using a test avatar. Maybe it will pop up in the shop later, we’ll have to see. :wink:


@Petri i suggest you dont. Not tryin to troll but that thing is horrid!

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I’d buy it.

And thank you Petri!!! <3

Maybe its just the red and black zigzag background with a lime green grizzly but its vomit inducing to say the least :nauseated_face:

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