Where's the fairness


In Alliance was if I’m fighting someone do I get to use arrows to if not where’s the fairness out of the last three fights one I know I could have one but I don’t know where here comes the ■■■■ arrows


Arrows are only for defense, not offense.

Just gotta deal with it.


Your enemy will get hit with arrows when they attack your defence team.

You have to factor it into your team selection and choice of enemy


So what I your idea or Feature?


It’s already fair. I’m sick and tired of people looking at alliance wars as an individual event. It’s a team event. Everyone has the same challenge and you need to strategize. People need to stop whining and look at the event from a team perspective.

Sorry for the sharpness but I’m just frustrated with the wining over the alliance wars defense buff.


Moved your thread to General discussion. Don’t think that you really wants to present a new Feature.


Trying to give my feed back on recent up date it seems you have ruined the game I play every chance I get during the day some times 20 to 30 times , I am platinum ranked yet get lower rewards than other team mates I also get no 150 monster chests I have had 3 in total in 1 yr , my partner who plays with me is much lower ranked gets loads of 150 chests quests I also get nothing much for wars and as for mystic vision just rubbish, what is going on with the game if this continues I will have to leave which will be a great shame .

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