Where's the Blue Monk?

Following my last post about Zelines Class, one thing I’ve been considering is ranking the classes from best to worst.

In doing so, a few things came to light.

Rangers seem to hard counter Paladins. They bypass the buff and most Paladins are Blue and 3 Rangers are Popular Greens Heroes - Lianna, Evelyn and Greg. Ares is arguably the best choice for Paladin, but Alasie and Athena are also Rangers.

Wizards seem to hard counter Paladins as well. Paladins buff defence and a lot of the heroes in the Paladin class have lots of buffs themselves. Wizards will hit very hard against them therefore. It also weakens Justice as 3 solid choices for Wizard are Hel, Victor and Sartana …

Clerics counter Sorcerers … However, looking at the meta Heroes currently - is anyone going to bring a sorcerer to a fight? Quintus seems popular here - making Viv stronger too.

And finally Monks counter Barbarians … your ideal candidate for Barbarian is Gravemaker and Kageburado - however most Monks are yellow and you can’t pick a Blue 5* - further cementing GM as the best hero in the game in my opinion.

To me the idea of classes is to add variety to the game - indeed as it has done weakening Guin.

In terms of Balance - I think it would be great to swap Magni and Leonidas around class wise. Magni is accessible to all, and would really help against GM being Blue whilst having the the Monk ability to resist the DoT effects.

It also makes me think that Rogue is probably the best class in the game right now - with Paladin being broken.

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Are you taking the wonderland heros and next 2 hotm into consideration? And new atlantis heros as well?


Hi Rigs - not at the minute - I’ve not seen enough of them yet to know what class they are etc sadly.

Are there a few new ones that might balance Paladins more? (Plus any info on new hero’s would be very welcome! :grin:) - is there a blue monk on the horizon?

Still think Aegir/Richard/Ares/Justice will struggle against the likes of Lianna, Evelyn, Alasie, Hel, Sartana and Zeline.

I think changing the ability to reflect damage instead of just buffing defence might be the better way to go…

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