Where's the 4th Loot Item that seems to be missing? Or am I just crazy?



Hello everyone,
OK, so I have gotten quite a few of these odd-looking loot boxes from the Wanted Chests (a couple from Mystic Vision too, I think) over the last 7-8 months, and I always felt like it was missing the 4th item. If a Loot Box has 2 items, they are centered in the box. If it has 3 items, they are almost always centered in the box. 4 or more items are aligned from the left. But every so often, I get one where there’s 3 items and they are aligned from the left, with nothing in the supposed 4th spot, like it just decided not give a 4th item. Here’s a couple of samples of 2 items, 3 items, and 4 items, then a couple of the ones I am referring to:

I know I’m not the only player this happens to, so what’s the glitch? Is it in the programming for centering the items in the Loot Box, or is it really shorting us a fourth item? Any thoughts??
Thanks to anyone who might have input on this!

Note: The one with letters missing was just a glitch after an update that corrected itself when I closed and restarted the app, so no big deal.
I have screenshots of every Wanted Chest, M.V., & Titan Loot dating back to October and some even earlier, along with a ton of others of things like Rare Quests, Events, etc. These were just the first ones I came across to use as samples from my files. I’m just a little obsessive… :smirk:


I’ve been wondering the same thing! Thanks for bringing this up.


Been this way forever, just a display glitch afaik


Missions and mystic visions have different displays for some reason. 3 items in a mystic vision will be centered, while 3 items from a wanted chest will be offset left.


OK, so if Mystic Vision is different than the others in this aspect, I guess the better question would be why? Why is it that the other Loot boxes are aligned from the left, but SGG decided to center Mystic Vision’s Loot box?
It’s rare, if not impossible, to only get 2 items from anything except M.V., but it doesn’t make sense that M.V. would be centered while the others aren’t, from a programming aspect if anything. It’s easier to copy what you already have established, so why make one particular part different when it’s doing the same exact thing as the others?


I can’t say exactly why they are different, but Mystic Visions are guaranteed to give at least an item and some gems, varying between 2-4 items. Missions are guaranteed to give a pile of food, iron, and gems, with additional items possible. Since you will always see the food and iron first, it makes sense to keep their positions constant, regardless of what rewards you get after.


That’s a good point, Wharf. Oh well, no worries. I just figured I would ask. Others have asked about it in-game too, so I figured it was worth asking here. Thanks for the responses y’all!! :slightly_smiling_face: