Where's next Limit Break quest?

And that’s why holy came first before nature LBs. I suspect they’re just stalling for the inevitable.
They’re like, ‘pick your poison. LB Frigg or LB alfrike’


I vote for purple, anyone else

That#s quits easy, just because I have a green 5* Aether and SG doesn’t agree to give me a chance to break Frigg…

I want to break Frigg!
God knows I want to break Frigg!

C’mon, sing along ))


CMON GREEN, cmon sing along

+1 for buffing Brynhild for main defense. A psuedo-five-star, especially in double and reverse double formations.


LoL :rofl: … I have 4 A5 from war & tournaments… need the green quest asap to Limit- break - the Hatter & then FriGGy = my most used heroes in today’s meta of all kind of BuFF boosters !

I’m not in a hurry, I’ve already broken my most important Nature and Dark heroes with aethers from wars and tournaments. Grevle and Bjorn are killers :stuck_out_tongue:


That is very presumptuous

I might consider limit breaking someone else before I limit break my Frigg

But totally going to limit great Frigg in case that was missed :joy:

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I’ll limit break cKadilen :stuck_out_tongue: Not that I even have Frigg, but I would still choose cKadilen over her. But I dont have 5th green 5* aether either if the next Limit Break quest is green.

Lol, saw the new Quest indicator… but it’s just a Mirage of the Mirage… It’s Shiloh Desert instead :smiley:


I was thinking we’d see it pop up with the two new quests :frowning:

We have a rare quest up now. Class quest tomorrow. Could be a stretch for some players over the next 36 hours to have enough world energy to finish it. Or if it’s bumped until Thursday we’ll have plenty of energy.

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But maybe not time, with the new 75-floors-of-boredom tower event up.


I tanked her in wars while maxing telluria, in general I either got one shot or single digits, she was quite effective and I’d imagine still can be with krampus… Undispellable taunt, take that attackers


Oh, yeah! My defense started more than holding its own when I paired these two! In normal defense, I run a double formation with Krampus as one of the two front heroes and Brynhild in the middle back. In most wars, I run Krampus at tank and Brynhild at flank. In the immortal words of Forrest Gump, they go together like peas and carrots.

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I hope it won’t show up tomorrow. I have a lot of stuff to do so LB quest PLUS Tower of Magic would be too much.


If it’s purple it will be Sergei for me :heart_eyes:

still nothing… friking release LB!"


I finally got my 5th 5 star yellow the other day, but didn’t have enough the 3 star because folks on here, “you should limit break 3 and 4 star units blah blah”. Originally I was going to save them, now I’m 7 short of a 5 star limit break and in agony.

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No limit breakers still in September :yawning_face:

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