Where you and your ENP have taken you

So I was thinking. We all get along pretty gosh darn well yet still don’t know a lot about where we live and what we do in r spare time. Which obviously is this game.
So. I was thinking maybe we can collect some pics of ENP in your local areas or even on trips. No faces and no addresses please! If u have a friend who can take a snap of the game up with location in background great, but just a shot of where ur at is great. Could even b ur backyard or on a trip. I’ll kick it off. Drove home from Philly earlier. This is my slice of the great northeast and earlier I was playing at Independence Hall. Enjoy and let’s c the photos come streaming in!

So this is the birth place of my country that I love and where I sometimes work but often visit. Right after the pic too I maxed Delilah too. Good day it was.


Are you just posting pictures? I don’t see e&p?

Now this is better. I see an aegir tank with gravemaker in the corner.


This is from a church in my home town. It’s full of bones…

Perfect place for Grimm, Cyp and Sabina


They build that church because they found a mass grave in middleages. Citizens truely believe they are from holy virgines that were slaugtered by the huns.


He said to post pics where you play E&P. @zephyr1 had a thread re where to play in Italy when he was travelling there & there were no special effects needed…

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I was hoping to get shots of the phone with the game up in the foreground but had no other phone to do it with. It’s a plus if u can. If not just some of ur regular places, favorite places and cool areas around where u live. I like the pic edits though. Nice! :+1:



View of downtown Philly while waiting for more world energy.


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